Summary: Nathanael wasn’t sure what that anything good could come from Nazareth, but what a surprise!

More Than Expected

John 1:43-46

I. Introduction

A. Some today are skeptical of God and Jesus


1. They’re not sure If He’s the answer

for them or their problems

2. They’re not sure if He’ll listen or

even help

3. Some are wondering does He really exist

B. Reason for skepticism:

1. They’ve put confidence or trust in an

object and it failed

2. They’ve put confidence or trust in an

individual and they were failed

3. They’ve put confidence or trust in an

organization and it failed

C. Nathanael was skeptical of Jesus because

of His background or nativity

1. "Can there any good thing come out of


2. Trouble often associated itself with

that part of the country

3. So Nathanael was at first a bit

skeptical of what possibly coul come

from Nazareth that would be good

D. Philip’s response was one that intrigued


1. I liked the fact that Philip did not

feel the need to argue a point

2. I like the fact that Philip did not

feel threatened or challenged by his


3. He knew what he had experienced and he

wanted Nathanael to know the same

4. Philip simply said, "Come and see!"

5. Let me do the same as Philip, "Come

and see. Find out for yourself. He is

more than you expected!"

II. Body

A. He Is Sure Agianst Your Enemy!

1. Israel and the Red Sea (Ex. 14)

2. Moses proclaimed that today God would

end this attack of their enemy

a. v. 13-14

3. 1 Peter 5:8

4. God did fight that day against Egypt

and Pharaoh and drowned them in the

Red Sea

B. He Is Strong Against The Odds!

1. Joshua and Israel against Jericho

(Josh 6)

2. Isaiah 54:17

3. Zech. 4:6c

C. He Is Supernatural For Your Needs!

1. Naaman the Leper (2 Kings 5)

2. Hebrew Children & fiery furnace (Dan 3)

3. Jesus feeds the five thousand (Matt 14)

III. Conclusion

A. So maybe your like Nathanael, skeptical,

wondering what good He might do for you

B. I can only say as Philip did to

Nathanael, "Come and See!!"

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