Summary: The miraculous birth of Moses

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Do you really want to hear from God?

Don’t read the bible lying down - not meant to soothe you but to ruffle your feathers, disturb

Read the Bible as though it were something entirely unfamiliar, as though it had not been set before you ready-made. ... Face the book with a new attitude as something new. ... Let whatever may happen occur between yourself and it. You do not know which of its sayings and images will overwhelm and mold you. ... But hold yourself open. Do not believe anything a priori; do not disbelieve anything a priori. Read aloud the words written in the book in front of you; hear the word you utter and let it reach you.

Genesis written by Moses from stories gathered and handed down. Exodus is his Diary - originally called the Book of Going out of Egypt. Later known as the Book of names

How many know the story of Moses’ remarkable birth - let’s hear it.

Read from Ex. 1:1- 2:10

Think of how God can provide for those who trust Him

Not only is her child not lost but she gets to care for him

Not only does she get to care for him, but she gets paid to do it

Not only does she get paid to raise him, but he is raised in the King’s palace as a prince.

God is our protector, and He watches over us. His plans for us will not be stopped by the evil desires of others.

Get all the details? Here are some you maybe didn’t know about - not Ramses time

1675-1570 BC Egypt ruled by the Hyksos (Semitic tribe similar to the Hebrews)

1570 Ahmose I regained the Egyptian dynasty but 3 Pharaohs in a row died without a male heir to the throne. These 2 concerns - Semitic Hyksos rulers and lack of heir influence the opening chapters of Exodus. Exodus opens with Pharaoh Thutmose II who was married to his sister Hapshepsut. Thutmose II finally had a son Thutmose III by a minor wife, who was named to succeed him as Pharaoh when he died while the boy was quite young.

Then a remarkable thing happened. Hatshepsut was guardian of the Pharaoh and eventually named herself Pharaoh she was a great leader one of the most impressive in Egypt’s history but for many years little was known of her because she was followed by Thutmose III her half brother. He defaced her name on all the buildings she had built. He tried to erase her name.

It is this Pharaoh Thutmose III who tried to have Moses killed when he attacked an Egyptian.

The Nile river to Egyptians was a source of life - a gift of the gods. It was in this river - this source of life that a gift came floating downstream to Hapshepsut - a baby in a basket

She named him Moses - to draw out of water - and lurking in the reeds nearby was the baby’s sister Miriam - who hooks the princess up with Jochobed the baby’s mother.

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