Summary: Not all women who give birth are mothers and not all women who are barren are not mothers.

Mother Ostriches and Mother Eagles

Lamentations 4:3

Job 39:13-17

This text burns with passion and indignation. The prophet charges these mothers with a hideous crime; cruelty. Not cruelty of a physical or mental abuse. Not mothers breaking childrens hearts by dishonoring marriage vows, not giddy gossiping get about, not cigarette sucking lounge lizards blowing smoke into the innocent eyes of babes. Just the simple kind of cruelty brought on by neglect.

Neglect such as the kind brought a German woman who received monetary aide from her government; this heartless woman squandered her money away drinking and gambling while her poor child perished with starvation at home. This woman was charged, tried, convicted, and executed for her crime of neglect.

Amos 8:11 speaks of a much sorer hunger and neglect. It speaks of spiritual neglect. A woman is not elevated to sainthood by simply giving birth. The fact that a woman has borne children does not classify her as a mother in the truest form of the word.

In 1930, three thousand selected leaders in child welfare met in council at the White House. After the council, a childrens charter was announced containing 19 specific check points. The first point was this: For every child to have spiritual and moral training to help him/her to stand life's pressure.

It is sad yet true that our world has far more mothers like the ostrich than mother eagles. Children are a heritage from the Lord. No premium can be placed on the life of a child. They are the worlds most precious commodity.

In the early 1900's a prominent U.S. Judge said, “Of the more than 4,000 boys under the age of 21 that I have sentenced during my tenure, only three of them attended Sunday school regularly”.

Looking at another mother bird, I find a wonderful example of a Christian mother in the eagle. The mother eagle builds her nest high upon solid rocks where no predator can harm her young. The nest is lined with her own feathers. She provides all the food until the eaglet leaves the nest. She flies them up in the sky borne on her own wings, and teaches them to fly. As John said in 19:25 of his writing, there stood by the cross of Jesus, Mary his mother. Motherhood in it's purest form is exemplified in the shadow of the cross.

The mother who will forgo flam and fashion to instill her children with the value of prayer, bible reading, and the value of a Godly life of Holiness is a mother who should be forever canonized as a HERO.

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