Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In this Ascension Sunday and Mothers Day Sunday let us look at recent events in our state and nation which warn of the collapse of Christianity and the rise of Satan's kingdom in the hearts of many. Will Mothers Day be redefined as "Women's Day" in the n

Is America a Christian nation today? Well… one need look only at the hot-topic debates this past week – the debate is not should the day after abortion pill be made available but rather if it discriminatory to not make it available over the counter without a prescription to girls under 15. A secondary hot button debate is why should the FDA allow only one abortion pill to be sold over the counter without a prescription. Shouldn’t any manufacturer be permitted to flood the market with generic brands in order to keep the price down. To limit the drug to one brand approved by the FDA is discriminatory, so they say, against poor people because the pill will be too expensive for everyday use. The civil union verses marriage debate is also revealing. Most of you probably thought that the Gay-Lesbian lobby was trying to achieve equal rights in Minnesota this past week. But did you listen to the debate? It was argued that no one should be married, that marriage for all should be re-defined as a civil union because two classes or categories would be discriminatory. There should be only one class, civil unions, they say.

I do remember when making the abortion pill available by prescription was controversial. Now the controversy is over denying children under the age of 15 access over the counter without a prescription. Now the controversy is over allowing more manufacturers to market such a product in order to bring the cost down making it practical for poor people to use the drug on a daily basis if they are so inclined. I suppose that advertising the drug will next on the agenda… and probably units in our 3rd grade sex education classes being sure that kids know where to get the drug as well as how to do the act. Then comes free samples. The Gideons can no longer give out free Bibles to kids but just how long do you think it will be before free samples of the abortion pill will be given to kids America’s grade schools? I’m not being facetious when I say this. Any more than when but a few years ago people were saying, how long do you think it will be until the abortion pill is sold without prescription over the counter? At the time it sounded facetious, but look where we are today.

You may think this is an exaggeration. Americans are all very nice people. And that we are, just as more than a few pagans throughout history have been, nice folks. Nice folks don’t confront sin. Nice folks live and let live. Nice folks don’t try to force their religion upon others. Nice people look the other way rather than challenging unbiblical practices.

Is America a Christian nation? Are we who call ourselves Christian biblical? Please look closely at all three of today’s lectionary lessons. We still read these same lessons in most churches in America on Ascension Sunday. But please stop and think. Do those who call themselves Christian believe what they read? Let’s look again at the first lesson. In Acts 1 verse 9 we read that Jesus was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight. Try asking many who call themselves Christians if they believe that and listen to the excuses they offer. Well… it isn’t really important if we believe that. The important thing is that we live by the Golden Rule. In our lesson from Ephesians for today we read that we can know God through the gift of the Holy Spirit. How many religious leaders actually believe that today? Very few, I’m afraid, and yet they think they are Christian people because they are tolerant and because they contribute to a charity, and because they live and let live. Christian charity is, after all, the heart of what it means to be a Christian isn’t it!

We also read in today’s lectionary readings that Christ is seated with God at His right hand in heaven. But it would be na├»ve indeed to think that the majority of America’s good “Christian” people believe this.

In today’s lesson from Luke we read that Christians are distinct from other so-called “good people”. The distinction is not that they are good and kind and tolerant and do not rock the boat. The distinction is that they are uniquely gifted through the Holy Spirit. What? Unique? Isn’t that discriminatory? What right do these religious fanatics have to think they are uniquely gifted and that others do not have just as much moral insight and spiritual clarity of vision as they!

Today is Mother’s Day. I’m glad that I am still able to give a mother’s day card to my wife this year. I wonder just how long it will be until even this will be frowned upon? Maybe we should have women’s day instead? After all, honoring mothers is discriminatory. And I truly wonder just how long mothering in a family will be considered important. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, not a mother and father.

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