Summary: We can’t guarantee our children will automatically follow our footsteps and accept salvation, however we can plant the seed of faith in their lives

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Mother¡¦s Day ¡V Planting the Seed of Faith - Exodus 2:1-10

A mother was talking to an old college friend and said, ¡§I remember before I was married that I had three theories about raising children. Now I have three children and no theories.¡¨

„X Any parents out there ever felt like that?

„X None of us comes equipped to be the perfect mother, or parent for that matter

„X Heard a great story last week. I was speaking to another pastor about young married people who as yet have not had children and how they tend to be critical of other parents childrearing habits

„X Then they had their own kids and we chuckled over how quickly their perspective changed

„X What was so great about this story is that this pastor knew someone like this who actually went around and apologized to those she had criticized

„X Even if we were the perfect mother or parent, we still cannot control how our children will respond because of that frustrating notion God has built into all humans beings - free will

„X If we were to use how our kids respond to God as the measure of our success, we would have to say God was a failure as Adam and Eve didn¡¦t listen, nor did Ancient Israel

„X So right now, let¡¦s stop beating ourselves up with guilt about our failure to raise perfect kids

„X Unless of course you are like this family

„X A young family was heading home after a Child Dedication service. The family¡¦s little baby, Jonnie had just been dedicated. The older brother though, cried all the way home in the back seat of the car. His mother asked him three times what was wrong. Finally, the boy replied, ¡§That pastor said he wanted us to be brought up in a Christian home¡Kand I want to stay with you guys!¡¨

However, there is something very positive we can, and should do while we have our children, and that is, ¡§we can plant a seed¡¨

„X Well its Mother¡¦s Day and so we are going to focus on the wonderful gift of Motherhood God has given to mankind

„X Mothers are the closest things we have to God on this earth

„X Any 8 years old will even tell you they possess diving powers

„X Ever been thinking about doing something wrong and your mum says to you ¡§Don¡¦t even think about it!¡¨ ¡V they can read your mind ¡V omniscient

„X Like the time I climbed up a tree to ambush my brother with a rotten egg I found in the grass

„X Before I had the chance to do anything, my Mum spotted me and told me to get out of the tree

„X She didn¡¦t have to worry, I had put the egg in my back pocket as I was climbing the tree and I promptly sat on it when I got to my vantage point at the top of the tree

„X Let me tell you, rotten eggs really smell especially splattered all over your pants

„X Then you are up to no good and Mum amazingly appears out of nowhere ¡V omnipresent

„X And of course she is omnipotent as my backside can confirm

„X I got so many swats, my butt has flat spots on it

Mother¡¦s day is traditionally the day when children give something back to their mothers

„X It¡¦s a kind of belated thank you for all the nappies they¡¦ve changed, all the noses they wiped, all the scraped knees they have bandaged

„X This is the day mothers are rewarded for washing all those bundles of clothes, driving kids to school when they missed the bus, endless hours of prayer during the teenage years

„X It¡¦s also a time for children to show appreciation for the fact Mothers insisted we do our homework, that we wash the dishes, that they didn¡¦t stop loving us when we told them, "I hate you", or I¡¦m going to run away from home

„X Our cards probably won¡¦t reflect it, but what we are trying to say is, "Thank you for being there for us"

Its also a job that gets little recognition for the long hours that are put into raising kids

„X Even on Mother¡¦s Day when the family promises to give Mum a rest, there are always things that need to be done

„X There¡¦s a good Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that¡¦s sums it up

„X Calvin is standing by his mother¡¦s bed when he says, ¡§Hey, Mom! Wake up. I made you a Mother¡¦s Day card.¡¨ His mother was very pleased and started to read it out loud.

¡§I was going to buy a card with hearts of pink and red.

But then I thought I¡¦d rather spend the money instead.

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