Summary: Mothers Day

Mother’s Day (Proverbs 31:10-31)

Intro: When God Created Mothers...

When the Good Lord was creating mothers, He was into His sixth day of "overtime" when the angel appeared and said. "You're taking a lot of time on this one."

And God said, "Have you read the specs on this order?" She has to be completely washable, but not plastic. Have 180 moveable parts...all replaceable. Run on black coffee and leftovers. Have a lap that

disappears when she stands up. A kiss that can cure anything from a broken leg to a disappointed love affair. And six pairs of hands."

The angel shook his head slowly and said. "Six pairs of hands.... no way."

"It's not the hands that are causing me problems," God remarked, "it's the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have."

"That's on the standard model?" asked the angel. God nodded. "One pair that sees through closed doors when she asks, 'What are you kids doing in

there?' when she already knows. Another here in the back of her head that sees what she shouldn't but what she has to know, and of course the ones here in front that can look at a child when he goofs up and say. 'I understand and I love you' without so much as uttering a word."

"God," said the angel touching his sleeve gently, "Get some rest tomorrow...."

"I can't," said God, "I'm so close to creating something so close to myself. Already I have one who heals herself when she is sick...can feed a family of six on one pound of hamburger...and can get a nine year old to stand under a shower."

The angel circled the model of a mother very slowly. "It's too soft," she sighed. "But tough!" said God excitedly. "You can imagine what this mother can do or endure." "Can it think?" "Not only can it think, but it can reason and compromise," said the Creator. Finally, the angel bent over and ran his finger across the cheek. "There's a leak," she pronounced. "I told You that You were trying to put too much into this model." "It's not a leak," said the Lord, "It's a tear." "What's it for?"

"It's for joy, sadness, disappointment, pain, loneliness, and pride."

There is something so special about Mothers

Text:10If you can find a truly good wife, she is worth more than precious gems! 11Her husband can trust her, and she will richly satisfy his needs. 12She will not hinder him but help him all her life. 13She finds wool and flax and busily spins it. 14She buys imported foods brought by ship from distant ports. 15She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plans the day’s work for her servant girls. 16She goes out to inspect a field and buys it; with her own hands she plants a vineyard. 17She is energetic, a hard worker, 18and watches for bargains. She works far into the night!

19-20She sews for the poor and generously helps those in need. 21She has no fear of winter for her household, for she has made warm clothes for all of them. 22She also upholsters with finest tapestry; her own clothing is beautifully made—a purple gown of pure linen. 23Her husband is well known, for he sits in the council chamber with the other civic leaders. 24She makes belted linen garments to sell to the merchants.

25She is a woman of strength and dignity and has no fear of old age. 26When she speaks, her words are wise, and kindness is the rule for everything she says. 27She watches carefully all that goes on throughout her household and is never lazy. 28Her children stand and bless her; so does her husband. He praises her with these words: 29“There are many fine women in the world, but you are the best of them all!”

30Charm can be deceptive and beauty doesn’t last, but a woman who fears and reverences God shall be greatly praised. 31Praise her for the many fine things she does. These good deeds of hers shall bring her honor and recognition from people of importance.

1. Mothers in the Bible

(A). The Shunamite Woman (2nd Kings 4:8-37)

1. Has compassion on Elisha

1. Provides for the man of God

2. Elisha offers to reward her

1. All she wants is a child

3. She has a Child

1. The child gets a headache and dies

4. She has faith in God .

1. Sends for the man of God

2. All is well

(B) Hannah (Samuel)

(C) Naomi (Even mother-in-laws)

(D) Mary the mother of Jesus

Children go tell your Mothers that you love them

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