Summary: We sometimes have spiritual highs and we’d like to maintain them but we have to stay grounded in reality and do the work of Jesus - communicate the Gospel to a lost and dying world.

Mountain Top Experience – Promise Keepers – Share your story with a neigbhor

How did you respond after this experience? I wanted to stay. Can’t stay though.

Problem with staying on the mountain top

- No blasted good to anyone else

1. We are up so high that can’t connect with anyone else – we are bridges between God and others – we can’t reach anyone

2. We shine too brightly – spotlight in church today but at night with lights out it would be overpowering

3. We have to come down and experience the difficulties in life in order to connect with others – Pastor Rick Warren has said that out of our misery comes our ministry

- Can’t keep up the spiritual high forever – get addicting – any good thing can become a bad thing if done in excess – even church

We have to come down from the Mountain - we have to live in the here and now, experience life

But there is a problem here too – we can get lulled to sleep, can get lost in the ordinary

Parable of the sower – seeds fell on path, rocky places, among thorns and on good soil – “worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word of God and make it unfruitful”

Have you notice how much different our country is since Sept 11th?

- Economy, stock market

- Not that important anymore

- More people talk about God and pray publicly since terrorist attacks

- As the old saying goes, “there are no atheist in a foxhole” – turn back to God

Success and easy times have a way of putting us to sleep – get lost in the humdrum

That is why God comes to us in the plain and ordinary – to save us from that wicked disease of boredom – that’s why so many times the kid that gets into trouble in the classroom is the brilliant one ‘cause they are bored – Okay kids, now is the time to admit to your parents that you get into trouble at school

Unbreakable – true super hero didn’t use miraculous powers – or did he? Death/Resurrection

God comes to us as a humble servant – the son of a poor carpenter – ate, slept, bathed, parents changed his diaper – He was one of us

God comes to us in the simple and ordinary water that we drink everyday – but now mixed with His word to wash away our sins

God comes to us in the plain bread and wine that along with Jesus’ body and blood take away our sins and strengthen our faith

God comes to us through ordinary language – telling us His story

Jesus always said after He did a miracle not to tell anyone – don’t know enough - resurrection

We also come down the mountain to tell others about His mountain top experiences – death/resurrection

Matteo Ricci – separate Christianity from his culture – give basics of Christianity to Chinese so they can allow Xnty to be a part of their culture – sticking out vs. blending in

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