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2 SAMUEL 12:19-20

David noticed that his servants were whispering among themselves and he realized the child was dead. “Is the child dead?” he asked. “Yes” they replied “he is dead.” Then David got up from the ground. After he had washed, put on lotions and changed his clothes, he went into the house of the Lord and worshipped. Then he went to his own house, and at his request they served him food, and he ate.

A certain woman I knew quite well, suddenly became ill. She was admitted in a hospital and the family members, especially those of the nuclear unit became concerned over her health. Her children tried all ways possible to save their mother’s life in vain. When the report of her death came in, all were surprised and shocked as nobody had imagined the magnitude of the illness could result into death. Everybody became concerned and the whole village started working on the funeral arrangements. People came from far to witness the burial of the woman. The report caught people by surprise as many never expected that illness would result into death. And therefore, any illness is to be taken seriously be it a headache or an itch in a toe, nothing should be taken for granted, for the devil can attack in diverse ways.

Now, what surprised me and the mourners was one particular daughter of the diseased. She never got concerned as others mourned, but was seen strolling with her boyfriend as happy as ever, as if there was nothing happening at all at her home. Then somehow, I realized that though culturally wrong, there was something right about her. The neighbors were not there when she was taking care of her mom in the hospital. And now they all seem concerned over a dead body. She might have tried to save her mother’s life and now that her mother had yielded to the disease, she had no option other than starting life afresh.

True to many Christians, we take our time wherever we see spiritually ailing brethren. At times we seize the opportunity and ‘finish’ them off. Instead of ‘advertising’ and telling other people about their situations, let us help them lest they backslide. We are our brothers keepers and should mind about their welfares. It is too sad to hear a ‘saint’ saying, “I knew he/she would fall” let us take the challenge and fast over the issues affecting our families before divorce or separation takes course.

A Christian who knows about an issue and does not assist in solving it is a hypocrite! We find Christians doing a lot of parroticking about issues they can control, which is pathetic. We should be ready to assist in whatever form so that we don’t stand judged. You should be ready to assist the hungry, the naked, the desperate, the sick, the unemployed rather than chatter about nothing. Chattering does not help the hungry. It doesn’t make the sick warm…..if Jesus had decided to talk in heaven, we wouldn’t be saved today, but in His mercies, the Lord acted and we should also follow suit: act.

Its time for the church to take the appropriate course in dealing with spiritual issues. Let us pray for our ailing businesses, families, congregations, now, that we have the strength. The Lord of mercy may decide to heal, out of His abundant grace. And if the ‘issues’ dies, let us stop mourning but worship Him, for He is the creator of all things and that all things work for good to those who love Him. Let us express our love to one another today when we are all alive, rather than express our condolences tomorrow in a casket.

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