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Summary: When God sets us free, we will not just walk out but we shall leap like calves! To leap is bouncing in the air with joy!

Move forward!

Malachi 4:2 “But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings. And you will go out and leap like calves released from the stall”

When God sets us free, we will not just walk out but we shall leap like calves! To leap is bouncing in the air with joy! As a child, I remember bouncing in the air like a ball when I am really, really excited. I experienced that joy after I met Jesus in my life! It’s absolutely exhilarating! Come join the club!

Now the image of the young calves leap and run out of the stall is certainly beautiful. Living in an agricultural country like India and having traveled to the innermost parts of the villages, I surely know about this. They have such huge, mischievous and expressive eyes. They are agile and full of life. For a long time, they are kept tied in a dirty, old, smelly dark stall. They get restless in their captivity, but one warm day, the farmer lets them out in the sun, they enjoy the warmth, freedom, clean fresh air. That’s how we would feel when we are set free by the Lord! The feeling is inexpressible and incomprehensible!

I remember walking into an anointed church carrying by infant baby in my arms. The anointing was so powerful that I literally started jumping in my place. I mean it! My husband quickly grabbed the baby from my arms and let me free to enjoy His Presence. I was jumping, crying with both my hands lifted to God, tears of joy and repentance rolling down my cheek. My, that was glorious! I still remember the joy that filled my heart that day which has never left me till date. Even as you read this devotion, this same joy will fill you right now! Every pain of betrayal, every pain of rejection and humiliation be removed in the Name of Jesus. Be released from the spirit of envy, pride, strife, anger and fear. Let the healing power of Jesus flow into your heart right now. Let there be joy!

After a particular operation, I was bedridden for some time and the post operation pain, loneliness, uncertainty and helplessness was frustrating. There was lot of work to be done in the ministry and people around me kept telling me to ‘stay put in the bed’ for few months. I did not want to make a wrong move that would harm my health, yet at the same time, I needed a ‘direct word’ from God. Early one morning, I started wrestling with God in prayer and pleaded Him to reveal His will for my life. Just after that personal prayer, we gathered as a family for our morning prayer, little did I know God was going to speak to me loud and clear. After a couple of worship songs, my husband picked up a devotional book and read a devotion written by an anointed servant of God, the portion of that day talked about the time the servant of God had a paralytic attack and how he was confined to bed for four months. Further, he said, ‘arise, let not the devil confine you to bed, arise in the strength of the Lord and do the work of the Lord. Do not let the enemy keep you down.’ I sat listening to the voice of God speak to me with tears in my eyes. I heard the Lord tell me, ‘move forward!’ Oblivious to the physical weakness, I started reading the Bible and preparing sermons and within a couple of days started preaching with power. Amen.

God would heal you too and you would go out and leap like calves released from the stall

Be open to God leading you down a unique path! If you feel buried and wearied in the present job, boldly launch out for a new job! Don’t let failure sabotage your future, take a new turn and keep moving! Be bold! May God be with you!

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