Summary: If your life is empty, you should drink more water and have faith in God

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Read Genesis 1:1-5

I closed my eyes what do I see; darkness is everywhere. Suddenly, a light appeared in the midst. I wondered at him who caused this to happen. The bible says “let your eye be single less your whole body be full of darkness.” I knew that didn’t happen on its own, but somebody who is great caused it to happen. I’m talking about the light that appeared. God spoke this to be; fear gripes my soul. Now, I’ve got to be careful what I think about creation not only that but also what I say out my mouth. God says let there be light. It’s enough to convince me that we are not alone in the universe. However, I never thought for once that we were alone on earth. I’m glad I think this way. You know!

This light that appeared had a round face like the moon with no facial features and with white hair. No! This was not a figment of the imagination neither was I high nor on any kind of drugs, but this was as real as it could be.

After I saw this round face with white hair, I became extremely happy to the point of laughter and to the point of having a chilly feeling all over me. Bible says “no man has seen God’s face and lived to tell about it.” Since Jesus came into my life, this is the same feeling that I’ve been experiencing all the time. This feeling is like the Spirit of God is spinning around in me, because I have his faith; and He wants to spin around. I’m glad He wants to spin around in me; the same thing can also happen to you too. It’s so wonderful; it’s better than any drug I have experimented with. The best part about this experience is it’s free, and everlasting. Now I understand why people use drugs so they can feel similar to this way. Not only am I satisfied but also I’m being comforted by the Spirit of the Lord in me. I’m not worried about anything. I’m only like this when I go inside.

Most of my time is spent on the inside where the Lord is inside the body, because there are people out there of the world much wiser than me. I know the word of God talks about who God is as the (Comforter) and you got to know this too, that’s why I live inside. The bible says “be not wise in your own eyes. Calling Jesus is the end to all of this just like the word of God says. Forget about being wise in your own eyes! The same thing that we witness in the natural happens in the spirit. There are Kings and Queens in the earth. I used both letters e.g., K and Q and while the Spirit of God was spinning around inside of me, I cast them into the Spirit one by one, and watched them spin around me. Actually, I’m in the center of the Spirit as its spinning around on the inside of me. Supernaturally, this is what is really happening on the inside of me continually. The longer I watch those same letters spin around and around in the spirit the better I felt until I almost felt like I was drunk off of wine. The bible says that people will mark you and say “you on this and that.”

The thing about this is, when I open my eyes, I’m no longer in the center, because what I see with my eyes is natural things in this world.

We got to keep our eye single. I still feel this wonderful feeling even when my eyes are open on the natural side but not like I do when I’m in the center of the spirit of God. The bible says “they that worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth.” There is only one living eye Jesus. To go into the Spirit of God is to go through the truth which is Jesus. If you got both eyes open come to Jesus, and wait on the Lord. You can only enter in through this door to the (Comforter) the center of the Spirit of God through Jesus, than you will notice things. You’ll be able to hear God speak to you through colors that other people have on not only that but also words that are written on businesses throughout your community and trucks and trash on the ground and paper flying through the air. God knows how to get a message to his people. He also will speak to you with the clouds and in songs and in hymns. The most reliable source is the Bible which is the word of God.

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