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Summary: If your life is empty, you should drink more water and have faith in God

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The thing about this is, when I open my eyes, I’m no longer in the center, because what I see with my eyes is natural things in this world.

We got to keep our eye single. I still feel this wonderful feeling even when my eyes are open on the natural side but not like I do when I’m in the center of the spirit of God. The bible says “they that worship God must worship him in spirit and in truth.” There is only one living eye Jesus. To go into the Spirit of God is to go through the truth which is Jesus. If you got both eyes open come to Jesus, and wait on the Lord. You can only enter in through this door to the (Comforter) the center of the Spirit of God through Jesus, than you will notice things. You’ll be able to hear God speak to you through colors that other people have on not only that but also words that are written on businesses throughout your community and trucks and trash on the ground and paper flying through the air. God knows how to get a message to his people. He also will speak to you with the clouds and in songs and in hymns. The most reliable source is the Bible which is the word of God.

Without the word of God, you’re vulnerable and will believe the wrong things. If you don’t know what to believe and what not to believe chances are you’re going to be deceived. What I see in the atmosphere is what I see. When I close my eyes, I don’t see the stars I do not see the moon. I see lines that are lit up, when I closed my eyes and focus my attention toward the back of my head to the right side of my head. The Father draws me closer to him through Jesus. I see images; they appear to be brownish at times and moving around like something living actually it is. I hope someday I can get closer, close enough to what I’m seeing to describe it. I don’t know what it means but someday I’ll see it somewhere in the public and it will all come together on both sides about what it mean and for now, I’ve got to keep searching.

The bible says seek the Lord; and you shall find him. We have the comforter that will led and guide us into all truth. The bible is absolutely the road map to heaven - Obedience is better than sacrifices don’t you want to follow Jesus, and know that He is the light of the world.

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