Summary: An introduction to the reality and accessibility of the nine manifestation gifts of I Corinthians 12

June 3, 2012

Moving in the Holy Spirit

Pastor Eric J. Hanson

I Corinthians 12: 3-11

Tell Airport Story (recent Strang Newsletter) –several years ago when an intercessory team was flying into a city in Texas…

Word of Knowledge: -You get along better with animals than with people, and you should be working with them.

Word of Wisdom: -Speak to her about this and do so right now.

Prophetic Word: -Speaking this into the airport worker’s life.

Effects of obedience to the Holy Spirit:

1. She was amazed and told fellow workers immediately

2. Some of them approached the team and asked for prayer and Holy Spirit gift help.

3. Prophetic and prayer ministry went on at the airport most of the afternoon

4. She enrolled in veterinary school ASAP.

There are 9 “manifestations” or “demonstrations” of the Holy Spirit working supernaturally. The root word in the Greek language used here as gifts, is actually charisms. This is the Greek word for grace. It shows us that all of these gifts are actually an outflow of the grace of God into the lives of people. They are something given, not something that was earned. They come from God’s favor, which comes from His love. Remember this: Grace actually means favor from God. Two things to bear in mind.

1. Note that the Bible passage said that the Spirit of God gives these to “each one”, just as He wills. Every believer in Jesus Christ who is filled with the Holy Spirit, and who is seeking to do God’s will, is qualified to flow in these outworkings of God’s Spirit. This includes you, if you will meet these conditions.

2. These charisms; these manifestations of the Holy Spirit, all accomplish real work of real benefit to people.

The 3 charisms in our story above, all communicate something. Two are inward and one is spoken out.

Let’s do a quick rundown of these nine gifts or manifestations.

(Teach directly from the Bible.)

Challenge (offer actually) –

1. Be filled with the Spirit.

2. Be available and open to God in this whole matter of moving in and with the Holy Spirit.

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