Summary: the importance of worship in our lives

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Intro: with so many people coming into the church from different church backgrounds, a very important aspect of a Pentecostal church is enthusiastic worship. For some this is so new that I want to give some basic teaching on moving into worship.

Moving Into Worship

Matthew 26:6-13

background: this is a great story in the Bible and it is all about worship. We learn many valuable things about worship as we look closely at this story.

v.7 there came unto him a woman—this is such a powerful phrase because at this time the world was male dominated, and for this woman to walk into this house was amazing.

a. the first lesson on worship is that worship is a universal privilege. Gender doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, social standing doesn’t matter and race doesn’t matter. Worship is the opportunity of all of God’s creatures.

Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.

Every kindred and from every tribe

v.7b very precious ointment–worship costs us something. It isn’t a religious event, David said, bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

David said, I will not offer anything to the Lord that costs me nothing. If your worship doesn’t mean much to you, it won’t mean much to God either. When you worship you offer the most precious thing you have to God, your heart, your soul.

v.7c-and poured it on his head–worship must be poured out. It flows from you, it isn’t someone that is a mere repetition, it is more than just the Lord’s prayer, or now I lay me down to sleep.

It requires you pouring out of your spirit, out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. They that worship me must worship in Spirit and in Truth.

v.8- true worship is intimidating to the non-worshipper. She had grown to a place of true worship that the disciples hadn’t reached yet, and they were troubled by it all.

Instead of entering into worship, they began to find fault. One true key about worship, if you don’t enter into worship, a critical spirit will generally fill your heart.

v.10-the highest places in heaven are reserved for those who worship the King. Jesus commended the lady, for man see’s the outside but God sees the heart. When we gather in his name, we are here to worship Him. If we do everything else but worship, we turn his house from worship to religion.

v.13-our times of worship are so important that God writes down every time we mention his name and records it in a book. This lady will always be remembered for her act of worship. As someone has said, worship now is a warm up for eternity.

close: let’s come to the altars tonight and worship the Lord. Let’s be that sweet aroma before the Throne of God. Jesus is exalted to the right hand of God, and deserves all the honor, and glory forever and ever.

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