Summary: This is a Mothers day maeesage explaining the importance of mums point the children in the right direction - Towards Christ!

Mum’s Who Make a Difference

2nd March 2008 pm

You Know You’re a Mum When...

The kids are fighting, you threaten to lock them in a room together and not let them out until someone’s bleeding.

Your idea of a good day is making it through without a child leaking bodily fluids on you.

You’re willing to kiss your child’s bady, regardless of where it is.

Your baby’s dummy falls on the floor and you give it back to, after you suck the dirt off of it because you’re too busy to wash it off.

Spit is your number one cleaning agent.

You’re up each night until 10 PM vacuuming, dusting, wiping, washing, drying, loading, unloading, shopping, cooking, driving, flushing, ironing, sweeping, picking up, changing sheets, changing nappies, bathing, helping with homework, paying bills, budgeting, folding clothes, putting to bed, dragging out of bed, brushing, chasing, feeding (them, not you), PLUS, playing, bike riding, pushing trucks, cuddling dolls, football, catch, bubbles, sprinklers, slides, nature walks, colouring, crafts, jumping rope, PLUS raking, trimming, planting, edging, mowing, gardening, painting, and walking the dog. You get up at 5:30 AM and you have no time to eat, sleep, drink or go to the bathroom.

The closest you get to gourmet cooking is making rice crispies bars.

Here are four examples from God’s Word of mother’s who made a difference in the lives of their children.

I. The Protective Mum - Exodus 2:1-4

Jochebed was from the tribe of Levi from which would come the priests and those who would carry out the duties of the Tabernacle and later of the Temple. She, and her husband Amram, were evidently very dedicated and religious people. They were willing to defy the order of Pharaoh and keep the commandments of God.

Every mother needs a relationship with the Lord. Every child deserves a saved, sold out, dedicated mother? Nothing would make more difference in the lives of our children than having good, godly examples in the home. Everyone in the home needs a relationship with the Lord.

Let’s go one step further every person needs the Lord Jesus Christ! My friend, more than you need your next breath or your next heartbeat, you need Jesus and His salvation. It is the one credential you need to miss hell and enter into heaven when you die - Acts 4:12; John 3:3, 7.

The Decree of Pharaoh - Ex. 1:15-22. Jochebed refused to give in to a godless system that would have cost her the life of her son.

God give us parents who aren’t afraid to take a stand for that which is right in these dark, sinful days! Men and women who demand more for their children than the world can give them. Parents who are willing to say, "Enough is enough, my child is going to learn the way of the Lord!" People who will declare the same thing Joshua declared for His family, Josh. 24:15.

It is interesting to note that in our day, often the young people have more of a heart for God and His business than their parents do. It is a blessing when young people live for God, but it is the parents who ought to set the example in courage and godliness for those who are following behind!

Moses’ Mother made sure that Moses was protected, even when Moses was in great danger. Godly mothers protect their children physically, morally, emotionally and spiritually.

II. The Supportive Mum - 1 Samuel 1:24-28

Hannah had promised God that if she had a male child, she would give him to the Lord. Samuel was born and at an early age taken to the Lord’s house to be a servant. Mothers usually weaned children at the age of three, and surely during those years, Hannah taught her son and prepared him for serving the Lord.

When Elkanah and Hannah presented their son to the Lord, Hannah reminded Eli that she was the women who had prayed for a son three years before. I wonder if the old man remembered how unfairly he’d treated Hannah – remember he thought she was drunk.

Considering the low level of spiritual life in Eli and the wicked ways of his sons, it took a great deal of faith for Elkanah and Hannah to leave their innocent son in their care. They knew that the Lord would be with Samuel and take care of him, even protect him from the pollution around him. Just as God had protected Joseph in Egypt, so would He protect Samuel in Shiloh, and He can protect our children in this present evil world.

Judgement was coming to Eli and his family, but God would have Samuel prepared at the right time to guide the nation and move them to the next stage of their development.

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