Summary: There are four requirements a Christian should know before serving the Lord!

We MUST serve Christ!


A. Paul’s background.

l. Education-Studied under Gamaliel.(Acts 22:3, 26:4-5)

2. Position-Pharisee of Pharisees, devoted Jew. (Gal. 1:4, Phil. 3:5)

3. Name "Saul" (Acts 13:9)

4. He was a Roman Citizen (Acts 22:28)

5. Birth place - Tarsus, busy Roman-Greek trade city in the north east corner of the Mediterranean Sea. Popular for manufacture of goat hair used in tent making. Paul was a tent maker.(Acts 18:3)

B. Paul’s religious activities.

l. Acts 7:58 - At Stephens stoning.

2. 8:3 As persecutor of the Church.

3. V26:l0-1 Paul describes how he persecuted the church, by beatings, imprisonment, murder.

4. Acts 9:1-3 Paul was on his way to persecute the Christians at Damascus.

What are the "MUST’s" in serving the Lord?

I. To serve God we MUST accept Jesus Christ.(Acts 9:4-5)

A. It was Christ who sought Paul, Christ now seeks us.

l. Through preaching, teaching, and study of the Bible.

2. Christ came to seek and to save the lost.

B. Paul knew the authority of the One calling Him.

l. Paul’s response was "Lord."

2. He fell on his face.

3.Holy Spirit’s work is to illuminate the Word of God and convict us.

4. Paul knew the O. T. Scriptures concerning the coming Messiah.

5. Paul was very religious as evidenced by the way he persecuted those he thought were heretics.

C. Paul now accepted Jesus Christ is the Messiah the Son of God.

l. Everything now changed.

2. Paul began a new life of service.

II. To serve God we MUST willingly seek God’s Will for our lives. (Acts 9:6)

A. Paul’s response was "Lord what wilt thou have me to do?"

B. The call to salvation is a call to service.

1. Isaiah had a similar experience. Isa. 6:1-13

2. When the Lord asked, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?", he responded "Here am I, send me."

C. The Lord had a plan for Paul’s life. Acts 9:15-16

1. The Lord has a plan for every believer.

2. It is seen the Great Commission. Matt. 28:19-20

3. It is seen in the gifts every Christian receives. I Cor. 12:4-11, 18, 27-28.

III. To serve God we MUST be obedient to God’s plan for our lives. (Acts 9:6-8)

A. Jesus told Paul to go into the city and there he would receive instructions.

B. Paul arose and immediately did as Christ said.

C. God’s plan for Paul was revealed through another believer Ananias.

1. God told Ananias what was His plan for Paul.

2. To receive the instruction Paul first had to obey.

3. Obeying Christ’s instruction he met Ananias and Paul received his sight again.

D. Paul then obeyed the first commandment to a new believer and was baptized.

IV. To serve God we MUST share the Gospel with others. (Acts 9:20-22)

A. Paul was saved and immediately became a testimony for the Lord.

B. He boldly proclaimed that Jesus was the Messiah. Verse 22

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