Summary: This sermon encourage Christians to praise God to show their allegiance to God in removing any thoughts of who they love the most.

Scripture: Psalms 150:1 -

Subject: Worship and Praise

Title: “My Allegiance To The Lamb”

Introduction: In Acts 13:22 the writer referred to David as “a man after God’s own heart.” As David closed out the book of Psalms he wrote these last six verses as a “A CRESCENDO (a Swell) OF PRAISE.” If anyone got into a conversation with David it wasn’t long until they found out he loved and praised the Lord.

Ray Boltz sings a song, “I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb,”

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb I have heard how Christians long ago

With all my strength Were brought before a tyrant’s throne

With all I am They were told that he would spare their lives

I will seek to honor His commands If they would renounce the name of Christ

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb But one by one they chose to die

The Son of God they would not deny

Like a great angelic choir sings

I can almost hear their voices ring

Now the years have come and the years have gone

And the cause of Jesus still goes on

Now our time has come to count the cost

To reject this world, to embrace the Cross

And one by one let us live our lives

For the One who died to give us life

Till the trumpet sounds on the final day

Let us proudly stand and boldly say . . . . .

To the Lamb of God who bore my pain

Who took my place who wore my shame

I will seek to honor His commands

I pledge allegiance to the Lamb

I believe according to the Bible, man was created to praise and glorify the Lord!

The meaning of PRAISE: To bestow approval upon, to honor, worship, to glorify.

The Hebrew word is “Yadah” which means “to stretch out the hands, to worship with extended hands.”

The word PRAISE means: to address in a loud tone, to glory and triumph in God! (Singing for example) * That is to hold up the hands in reverence, to open the hands and let go of everything, just stand and praise God open handedly! * That means holding onto nothing!

We only praise something that we honor and prize highly!

It’s dangerous to make fun of praise! * 2 Samue6:16 -23 Saul’s daughter, Michal, made fun of David praising the Lord, and she became barren. (Either because God closed up her womb or David refused to go into her anymore) * Notice how BARREN Christians are who never praise the Lord!


a. God is WORTHY to be praised!

b. Praise is the PASSWORD to the Blessings of God!

c. In Ps. 22:3 it says, “God inhabitest the praise of Israel.”

d. We have already learned that refusal to praise God brings barrenness when it comes to NEW BIRTH. - Therefore praising God will cause us to be fruitful as Christians!

e. God RESPONDS to Praise! - Remember Paul and Silas in the jail at the midnight hour? - They began to sing and praise God and God sent an earthquake and shook the prison doors open and immediately their bands were loosed ! (Acts 16:25-26)

f. Praise lifts our eyes from the CONFLICT to the CONQUEST as we look to Jesus, our MIGHTY CONQUEROR.

g. Nothing so MULTIPLIES Faith as Praising God.

h. Praise is Faith in ACTION!

i. Praise DRAWS our attention away from circumstances and focuses our eyes on our MIGHTY God who causes all things to work together for our good and His Glory.


a. Praise has the POWER to Draw people to the one being praised!


c. When an entire congregation joins together in PRAISE God will so inhabit the hearts of people that SOULS will be swept into the kingdom of God, MIRACLES will occur without number.

d. Praise is the “Power Plant” of the soul. - Coal is mined and loaded then shipped to the generating plant. Then the coal is crushed into powder and then it is BLOWN into the furnaces that powers huge turbines which generates the POWER! * Electricity is generated for whole cities, but there is no place for STORAGE! * The question was asked, “Where do you store the electricity?” * The answer, “We don’t store it, we just make it.” * The SYSTEM is based on DEMAND! (POWER is only created when it is


e. Praise is the DEMAND on the POWER of God’s Presence!

f. God will supply the power.

g. God will supply the power for our lives:

1. God has promised to hear our call

2. God has promised to forgive our sin

3. God has promised to heal our hurts

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