Summary: Genesis 4:9

I. I am sure that many of us have asked ourselves, am I my brothers keeper? And if we were to be true with one another we sometimes say no to that question. Reason being is because we are asked that question after someone has made us mad.

II. When God created us he created us to help one another. Let us remember that God created Eve to help Adam in life. God did not say we would not fight with each other, but God does want us to help one another in life.

III. Do you think you made to where you are on your own? Someone has helped you along the way. While someone else was praying for you along the way. Then, there were those who helped you and prayed for you along the way. No one was created to make it on their own, we all need a helping hand along the way in this thing called life.

IV. It is my prayer that this message was:

1. Helpful

2. Remindful that your not here alone

3. Remember God is always with you!

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