Summary: The Bible is talking about chariots moving around fast here and there and gives us the picture of cars which have lights to shine in the dark. So the message tonight is titled: “My Car”

Nahum 2:4, “The chariots race madly through the streets; they rush to and fro through the squares; they gleam like torches; they dart like lightning”.

The Bible is talking about chariots moving around fast here and there and gives us the picture of cars which have lights to shine in the dark. So the message tonight is titled:

“My Car”

God put down that verse for a purpose. Why is a car important in your life? Why is it important in society? Because without one, everything goes slow; a car enables you get to from one place to another faster. If your car is sick, how do you feel? If you wake up in the morning and your car won’t start, how do you feel? Automatically your entire program is destroyed because your car is not ready to go. If you had an appointment, you have to find another solution.

Nahum saw in coming days, things will be like chariots moving around really fast going to and fro all the time. God is like the man who manufactures vehicles and the vehicles represent our bodies. In the car yard you will see different types of car, some beautiful, some not but that was up to the manufacturer. You don’t get to decide how cars will be made. When God creates you, He doesn’t ask your point of view on how you will look. He doesn’t ask your parents what your body should look like. Accept or not, you will find God creates you how he likes.

God has a purpose for your body, which means you have to look after it. When you want to buy a car you go to the car yard and you can look at all of them but before to be given one, they will see how much you can afford to pay. If you say yes you can afford a $400,000 car, you have to prove it. This is the same with the Kingdom of God; people want to be a pastor, they want to be fervent in prayer but God looks at you and asks, “will you be able to afford the price for this? Will you have the time to pray, will you have the time to spend doing this?” God will not give it to you if He knows you can’t do it. God will give you a gift believing you are capable of taking care of that gift.

Once you buy a car, men call them baby and women can also be proud of the car. For the first few months they will be very careful, driving with attention. This is similar to when you get saved, you try to walk like a saint and you avoid sin and you don’t want to offend anyone and you feel attached to God. After six months your car starts to become something else and the novelty has worn off and this is the beginning now. That is the same with our Christian walk.

Before you are allowed to drive your vehicle you have to go through a driving test. Although you are responsible for that car and it’s registered in your name, you have to be tested and you must read the rules, you must know the rules and you must obey them. If you don’t read them you can have a big problem with land transport. When you are saved, you are encouraged to read the Bible so you will know where to go and how to behave according to God’s rules. The road code gives you signs to know where to go and you have to respect those codes without the police man behind you pushing you to obey them. You see traffic a traffic changing; you will stop even if no one is there, your conscience will stop you. If you see someone going through a red light, you will be shocked because we know this is the way it should be. Once God gives us the Word and we know the rules, we have to know this is the time to stop and I can’t go that way.

There are roads where the vehicle will pass and the car must drive only on the road, it can’t come inside the building because there is no place for a car in the house which means our bodies also have some restrictions where they cannot go. There are places where God says no, don’t do this.

You as the controller of the car have to learn your new vehicle; after purchasing you have to know where is the first gear, where is reverse, where are the indicators, the window wipers, lights etc because each car is different. We must also control our own lives and know how to stop ourselves from sinning.

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