Summary: What has to happen to our old life when Jesus becomes our Savior?

Sunday Morning July 22, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, NM




1. I imagine you look at this sermon title and think, “he has definitely lost it”.

2. I want to tell you this morning that I have died before and that my death was a good thing.

3. The Shawn before I died was a terrible person. Unfortunately he still tries to come back sometimes.

4. That Shawn doesn’t really care about much except for himself.

5. At this point, you may be a bit confused. Let’s read our text and then I want to tell you about this death. Turn to Galatians 2:20.

I. My Crucifixion

A. Convicted

1. I was up on charges of disobeying God’s laws. I was being convicted for my sins.

2. The Judge (God) said that my life was like filthy, nasty, dirty rags and that He could not even look at me because of the darkness of my life.

B. Condemned

1. The Judge didn’t have to listen to the case very long. He declared me guilty as charged.

2. The Judge then sentenced me to the punishment that had already been set up: death.

C. Crucified

1. What I deserved was a slow painful death.

2. My sentence of death was a fair and just decision and justice had been served.

II. My New Life

A. Death

1. I had to die to what I was.

2. I had no peace, joy, or hope in life. Nothing seemed to ever satisfy what I was searching for. Something was missing.

B. Burial

1. The old Shawn was buried.

2. Even today, the old Shawn needs to stay buried, never to come back.

C. Resurrection

1. After my death and burial, I was given a new life.

2. I was born again.

III. My Life Today

A. New Creation

1. The only reason I could become a new creation was because of the cruel death that Jesus suffered for me on the cross.

2. In order to become this new creation I had to accept the free gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

B. New Boss

1. The old Shawn was his own boss, so he thought. (It was actually Satan and the world).

2. Although salvation is a free gift, it cost me everything. It cost me my life. Jesus is now the boss.

C. New Purpose

1. My old purpose was to please myself.

2. Jesus’ purpose through me is to please God.


1. Don’t let me fool you; the old Shawn still tries to come around. But see, I want people and even more so, God, to always see the new creation.

2. Have you died to self and allowed Jesus to reside in you new life? If not it is time for your death.

3. If you have been born again, how are you doing concerning the old you? Who’s the boss and what is your purpose?

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