Summary: The mere practicality of the use of scripture in our daily life helps us to apply the Words of God in defense---when under enemy attack.

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Dr. Gale A. Ragan-Reid (June 6, 2015)

“My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.” (Psalms 7:10, King James Version [God's glory is magnified]).

Greetings In The Holy Name Of Jesus,

My sisters and brothers, last night I found myself in deep reflection in my sleep thinking of my friends throughout the years---those who I failed to keep in contact with and possibly the reason why our friendship failed to survive the long years, apart. I pondered the good times and those times called in question of sincerity and true love---mostly, those moments of unbelief. It struck me odd that the pain of a lost friendship meant we gave up on keeping up with one another---loving one another, no matter what happened and how big the gulf/distance between us. I've never thought of myself before right now this moment as I reflect on my past as a quitter---one who throws a good friendship out the window, like throwing the baby out with the bath water. I've always thought I valued each and every friendship God blessed me with yet as I reflected and looked in my past at many good friendships squandered---that sounds harsh but the friendships were left behind, I feel I lost some treasures. Life is not easy.

My thoughts took me back to one night 15 years ago, when I traveled from work in Miami, FL: to home in Jupiter, FL at a local gas station off Interstate (I)-95. I walked inside the gas station store to pay for my gas and I noticed a woman intently watching me but I pretended not to notice. She said, “I'm from Jerusalem and I see there is an older woman who is trying to destroy you---she wants everything that you have I can pray for you for ... money.” I replied, “I have only a little money---just pray for me.” I gave her a few dollars. I did not know her husband was already inside the store paying for their gas. He spoke to me, “My wife saw something. We're from Jerusalem. She is good, believe what she says.” I left the gas station without saying anything else, however, through the years I searched my relationships to figure out what woman hated me that much to want to destroy me and take everything that I had.

“My defence is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.” (Psalms 7:10, KJV [To God be the glory]). Many people who believe in God run to the Psalms (“The Book of Praise”) in times of need to study David, Solomon, Moses, Asaph and other prayers for protection, usually Psalms 91 is a great defense. I prayed for myself and many prophets/apostles/seers wrote me from the world---those who see---did see I was under attack and reached out to me to help, folks I never met but who could see. More importantly, there are false prophets out there who are just in business to make money who use mailing lists to send out to the world to get clients. For some reason, let us just resolve to say my name was on their mailing lists but I also like to think there are some true believers out there who do see and who did reach out to me as a member of the one body of Christ Jesus.

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