6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Are you looking for someone you can be a blessing too?

When she went to Elizabeth, we don’t know what that woman was going thru, her husband couldn’t speak, she is pregnant with her first child, being an old woman, imagine how scary that would be.

Yet when Mary showed up and the baby John leaped inside of Elizabeth, oh, what blessing Elizabeth received, a blessing that would carry her thru the rest of her life!

We don’t know what motivated Mary to go to Elizabeth’s house, maybe she thought, “I am going to go to Elizabeth’s house, I am going to go where somebody understands me, where somebody sympathies with me, where someone would comfort me.

I think one of the reasons she went….The angel slips this nugget of news that Elizabeth is six months pregnant in her old age!

What the angel is basically saying, “Mary, there is someone who is going thru what you are fixing to go thru.”

Maybe she went thinking that she was going to receive a blessing from Elizabeth, but instead she was a blessing to Elizabeth.

That ever happen to you, you went to do something for somebody. You went to be a blessing to somebody and you did, but in return you got a blessing!

Highly Favored!

It may not look like your highly favored. It may not feel like God is blessing you!

The world may look at you and go, “Oh, what a mess!” or “Oh, My, My!

Mary’s life look like a mess, here she was teenage girl engaged to a man who was probably around 30 years old, maybe her parents did that so that Mary would have financial security.

I can understand that, if I had a 13, 14, 15 year old daughter and I was thinking about her welfare, I was thinking what is best for her, that there would someone there to take care of her, if something happens to me, then I don’t want some 13, 14, 15 year old pimply face kid trying to take care of my baby girl, I want some man who’s got some stability, some wealth, some education, some common sense to take care of my child.

But on the other hand, if one day she came home and said, “Oh, daddy, I’m pregnant!”

Wow, my family would have to raise enough money to bail me out of jail, I would be saying, “That old scum bag, he’s been messing around with my daughter before he married her, he done ruined her life, now I‘m fixing to ruin his!

Then if she said, “Oh, daddy it’s not his!” Can you picture my blood pressure!

Then she said, “Oh, daddy it’s not his, it’s God’s!” She has done lost her ever loving mind!

Have you ever wonder why Jesus was born in Bethlehem instead of Nazareth?

Maybe it’s because no one believed in her, no one believed in her story, no one was there to be a blessing too.

She had to go away from that city to be a blessing to someone!

Sometime we have to go and find our Elizabeth!

God is going to direct you on where you need to go, if you will listen to His voice!

There is no substitute for being a blessing to someone, there is nothing that can satisfy the heart, the mind, the soul, more than being a blessing to somebody!

Knowing you made a difference in somebody’s life! That you encouraged them at the right time, that you spoke words of love to them at the right time, that you gave them strength at the right time, that God used you to ministered to those people, there is nothing more precious than that!

Once you get that in your life, once you experience that in your life, I don’t think you can settle for anything else!

It says there the angel spoke to Mary, he didn’t speak to her momma, he speak to her daddy, he didn’t speak to her preacher, he didn’t speak to her friends, he spoke to Mary!

Now sometimes what God tells you what’s going to happen in your life or what God is going to do in your life may not make senses.

When you try to tell others what God wants you to do, they may not agree with it, they mat not like, they may rebel against it.

One of the definitions of the word Mary in the Greek is rebellion, I don’t believe it was speaking about her, I believe it was speaking about her circumstances.

Just like when God speaks to you, there are going to be people in your life who are going to get upset, made even mad, or made they will think your crazy!

I mean think about Joseph, when he told them what God had revealed to him about his future, his father got mad, his brothers got mad!

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