Summary: I just wanted to give the Devil a big ole black eye, however he not only gave me the black eyeI intended for him he busted my lip and bloodied my nose. I was a babe in Christ and thought I had a black belt in Spirtual Warfare.

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This part of my personal experience with fear this also introduces you When I paralyzed by fear. This more of and into to the sermon.

When I started working full time for the Lord I was attacked by the enemy repetitively, he came many various ways and times. A few of his snares I feel right into and believe me I was severely wounded as a result. As I became more aware of my short comings I was able to avoid certain snares but still being in my infancy I didn’t know a lot about spiritual warfare. The first Spiritual Warfare I started reading was A WOMANS GUIDE TO SPIRITUAL WARFARE BY SHERRER AND GARLOCK. I read a few pages and I was pumped “I’m going to give that devil a big ole black eye I’m so sick of him picking at me” I said as if I had just received a black belt in Spiritual Warfare. Well it didn’t relatively go that way, he gave me, that big ole black eye I had intended to give him, in addition to the black eye he gave me a busted lip and a bloody nose, and he beat on well good. It had appeared to be the minute I started reading that book he came at me with all types of fighting techniques I was unaware of. The more I tried to read the more he attacked I was convinced that it was the book so out of fear I stopped reading the book. I shared what had happened with one of my spiritual mothers and she said “That fact that enemy is attacking should make you wonder why he doesn’t want you to finish that book one weapon he uses against of is fear and if you don’t continue how will to fight him.” She continued by saying “Now Sister LaDonna do you think soldiers when in a war look at the battle plans and say I’m scared so I’m just going to try to do it my own way or do they look at the guns and say I’m scared so I wont put in the bullets I’ll just pray that I’m not ambushed.” This made so much sense to me so I continued while reading my marriage was attacked; I kept receiving phone calls from men who hadn’t called me in ages at questionable times of night. My peace of mind was being attacked, everyone seemed to be trying to provoke me, my friends were attacking me with comments about the change in my life, everyone from my past wanted to pop up. I was being attacked and as I grew stronger, learned the tactics, learned how to use my weapons I began overcoming in some areas and it felt great.

Time went on and I began to mature, the Church Mothers took me under their wing and started praying with me and for me. My pastor and the first lady got me more involved and motivated about Church. I was growing everything was fine.

I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and my life as I knew it changed, everything changed, the way I looked at life changed, the way I read my Bible changed, I understood it, I was on fire for the Lord. I had spiritual gifts that I knew was not of me but of God. The thing that shocked me the most was my sensitivity to the spiritual realm. I wanted everyone to experience what I had. PREPARE FOR THE BATTLE THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING FORTHE ENEMY DESIRES TO HAVE YOU this kept being impressed in me and when Pastor Nash preached about it I received conformation when he looked at me and said the enemy desires to have you Sister LaDonna so that he may shift you like wheat.. I was lead back to studying spiritual warfare day and night .

Months pass by I was still on fire, I was going to prayer with the Mothers throughout the week, praying with others daily, taking classes, reading my Bible, Fasting and fighting the battle.

I was working in the teaching areas of the church I was teaching spiritual warfare at district wide teen retreat, I was then asked to teach a three day workshop on spiritual warfare, on Tuesday’s I teach spiritual warfare. I was teaching and speaking warfare and deliverance, when it was impressed in me if I’m free I need to help others become free. Spiritual warfare, deliverance, evangelism and equipping became my focus . However fear almost put a stop to it. Read paralyzed by fear a trick of the enemy by Sister Ladonna .

I hope this encouraged someone to press on to see what the Lord wants to do with them.

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