Summary: A description of Heroes in my life that have positively effected my Faith in God

My Heroes of the Faith

January 14, 2007 AM Sermon

2 Timothy 4: 7-8

Last Sunday, we opened 2007 with a look back at Noah and the Ark, noticing how Noah followed God for his every move. Today, keeping the same hero theme, we go in a totally different direction. A personal direction if you will. Today we will look at three persons, whose lives were shown as an example to me as a child and whose teachings have helped shape and mold me through the years. So sit back and relax – listen to the power of 2 Timothy 4:7-8, let it change your heart as we look at My Heroes of the Faith.


Paul was ready to go. He knew his time on earth was winding down. He was literally begging for help in his letters to Timothy, however, his cries of desperation arrived too late for him. Paul was a true hero of the faith. Regardless of his condition – poor eyesight, not the best looking fellow in the world – former sinner, he stayed with God the Father. Three people, all from my home church – my heroes.

I. Amie Edna Dewberry

a. A woman of the faith

b. Former Primitive Baptist – saved in 1947, joined the Southern Missionary Baptist Church at Carlisle

c. Served in various capacities in the community, PTA president at Sardis HS, Quilting Club, etc.

• Qualities to make her a hero

o Faithful – to God, to family, to church, to others

 Many times Nanny didn’t feel like going to church – her arthritis literally helped lead to her death. She kept going.

 Many times Nanny didn’t feel like helping someone – she helped

 Many times Nanny didn’t feel like cooking for the Sunday meal – she did anyway.

 Her priorities always listed God first – it showed in her everything.

o Dedicated

 Without her dedication, many things would have never gotten completed at church. Curtains, refinishing furniture, pews, carpet, etc. If she wouldn’t have taken the initiative to do it – forget it.

 She was dedicated to helping raise me. Without her constant leading me to the faith on a daily basis, God only knows where I would be today.

 Family, Friends – always there

o Compassionate

 Literally took Matthew 9:37-38 to heart

o Spoke from her heart

 Last testimony/Last Song

 Life was a constant echo of praise to God.

II. Lillian Alexander

a. A woman of the faith

b. Former Methodist, joined the Baptist Faith in the early 1940’s.

c. Served as Children’s SS Teacher for over 40 years.

i. Taught 100’s of kids about the love of God.

ii. Led many children to Christ

• Qualities to make her a hero

o Uncanny ability to love people

 Lillian could find a way to love the unlovable

 She saw beneath the skin, she searched for an individual’s heart

 She looked for their needs – offered Jesus for their answer

o Committed

 At one stretch in her life, she went for years without missing a Sunday – that is until her daughter moved out of state. When she visited her – she went to church.

 Always sung in the choir – always there, sang until she was 90

 Along with Nanny, helped me start the choir at Carlisle

o Ability to shoot you straight

 If she didn’t agree with you on something, she didn’t go to another person – she’d tell you to her face.

o Testimony

 In church until her dying day

 All of her family is serving in churches all across Sand Mountain. Her grandson is serving as Minister of Youth at FBC Albertville.

III. Bonard Brewster

a. A Man of the Faith

b. One of the earlier members of Carlisle Church

c. Served as Deacon for a few years, men’s SS teacher for many years

i. Deacon until a family crisis – stepped down, didn’t want to bring reproach upon the church.

• Qualities to make him a hero

o Encourager

 An encourager to me is not someone who always says what you want to hear. An encourager is one who says something you need to hear.

 Bonard was this person.

 “Regardless of where life takes you, always remember where you came from.”

o Soul Winner

 Never afraid to get out in the community and talk about Jesus

 Used his pond to attract people to church

The three heroes that I have shared with you today are near and dear to my heart. The compiled listing of qualities go like this:

1. Faithful

2. Dedicated

3. Compassionate

4. Spoke from the Heart

5. Uncanny Ability to Love the Unlovable

6. Committed

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