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Summary: Our relationships with other people are vital avenues for God’s Spirit to reach people and touch lives. We are instruments that God uses to love people and offer them the gift of faith.

Mark 8:27-38 “My Purpose In Life”


Have you ever found yourself questioning the purpose of your life—asking “Why?” Often, we find ourselves questioning our purpose for living, when we are confronted by difficult times in our lives. We wonder about our purpose in life when we are sick, when we are confronted by death, when we fail, and even when we experience the emptiness of success.

It is human and natural to wonder what is the purpose of life. Why do we live? Why are we blessed?


The drama that we just saw demonstrates how to Moses and Jonah discovered their purpose by answering God’s call to serve. They were not the only ones to discover their purpose in God’s call.

God called David from the life of a shepherd to the life of a king. David found his purpose in life, when he answered God’s call.

Paul was and persecuted Christians and sought to destroy the Church. He thought this was his purpose in life. When he met Jesus on the road to Damascus, he discovered his true purpose. He was called to spread the gospel of God’s love to people who had never heard it before.


The disciples discovered their purpose when Jesus entered their lives.

· Jesus called them from their former vocations and gave them the purpose of being fishers of men.

· Jesus calls the disciples to follow him and learn from him. This is another purpose in their lives.

· Jesus sent the disciples out and gave them a purpose for living—to proclaim the kingdom of God—God’s love and forgiveness.

· Jesus called his disciples and gave them a purpose. He told them that if anyone was to follow him that person needed to deny himself or herself, take up the cross and follow Jesus.


In love God calls to us and gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Our baptism is the foundation stone of our purpose for living. Communion reinforces the call of God upon us. In God’s Word we read of God’s purpose for us. God affirms God’s purpose for us in God’s movement in our everyday lives.

Our purpose in life is found in what God has done for us.


In God’s overwhelming and steadfast love, we discover our purpose.

We are called to love God and to serve God. We can have no greater purpose than that.


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