Summary: How Satan's kingdom began and prospered among us from creation to Abraham.


Our story must begin before the planet we inhabit was set in place by our Heavenly Father. There seems to have been a conflict in the heavenlies between the Almighty and one of His created angels, Lucifer. The latter evidently wanted more authority than he was being given, and challenged God Almighty. God's response was to throw Lucifer and one-third of the angelic hosts who followed this satan or "enemy," out of His presence. (Ezekiel 28)

I understand that many have seen this fall at a much later date. I will certainly not be dogmatic about the time-line. But the enmity between Lucifer and the Father seems documented enough.

From subsequent study of Scripture, such as Genesis 3:1, where Satan is seen in the Garden of Eden and the Book of Job, (Chapters 1 & 2)where he seems to have access to God's Throne -as a visitor- coupled to Ephesians 6:12, where the headquarters of demon activity is "heavenly places," we conclude that Satan and his hosts have been assigned for this present time to the earth's atmosphere. Thus is he called the "prince of the power of the air." (Ephesians 2:2). Jesus called him the "prince of this world."

We learn in Revelation 12:12 that he is to be limited, at a later date, to earth alone, and will wreak as much havoc as he can in the short time allowed. A further step down for this falling angel will be ultimate destruction in the lake of fire described in Revelation 20:10. Then will the Devil be in "Hell." He certainly is not now.

We must try to speak loudly only where the Bible speaks. Very softly I suggest a motive, perhaps the motive for all of Satan's activity is revenge.

Imagine having been the "anointed cherub," certainly the most beautiful and the wisest of all the created beings. Then favor is retracted, and you are unceremoniously dumped off the mountain of glory and splendor. Rebellion and revenge, all self-justified, fills his heart and he has always believed that he has a right, a just cause, for all that he does to the sons of Adam. He truly believes that all the kingdoms of earth should be his personal domain.

But even having gained all of earth's wealth, being a spirit entity he can never be thus satisfied. He uses these things to reach his long-term goal: replacement of the Lord God as ruler of all. If he can, by enticement, or force, or confusion, gain control of the hearts of men, he will feel justified in opposing God on God's own terms: love and free will. Men, he thinks, will eventually choose Lucifer, and, yes, even love him.

Perhaps he feels that by already having a large percentage of heavenly beings on his side, and then winning the voluntary allegiance of the majority of earthlings, his power will be so great as to eclipse, eventually, the Almighty's . Perhaps He thinks God will just "give up" after awhile, having been rejected so soundly.

He certainly knows how to deceive. My 11-year-old asked, during a family devotion time, "How can Satan read this book [we were studying Revelation] and still believe it is possible for him to win?" I told her that the devil is a liar. A deceiver who in fact has deceived himself!

And his work of deceiving man goes on unabated, untiringly. He wears many garbs, many faces. He can be seen as a lamb, or a dragon, or anything in between. He continues, refusing defeats that are handed to him by erstwhile Christians. But defeat will be his.

I here inject the plea for my readers to be sure they are not caught up in this defeat by being deceived by the religions Satan has created.

c. 4000 B.C.

Need I remind readers of the beginning of human history, the challenge of Satan to our first parents, and their agreement to his dominion? (Genesis 3:1-5) In this story we see the elements of all future enslavements by the enemy:

• his opposition to and questioning of the very words of God.(v.1)

• his desire for earth people to rely on themselves to cover their shame (fig leaves) vs. God's provision of a blood sacrifice to do that (animal skins).(3:7,21)

• his appeal to things visible and touchable, vs. God's appeal to intimate spiritual relationship with the Creator.(3:6)

Previews of Babylon, the confusion of the ages. God speaks, Satan questions.

Next we see the introduction of worship.(Genesis 4) Scriptures previously quoted indicate that Satan was closely involved in Heaven's worship, and perhaps we can deduce that he since has become a master of creating things that are "close" to the real thing, since he knows what the "real thing" is.

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