Summary: The facts are documentable. There really is a connection between Rome and the events surrounding the Civil War, including Lincoln's untimely death. Step back and look at history through Biblical eyes, and your view changes considerably...


So we are now in a time when bloodshed, which is newsworthy and can be reported to generations following, begins to give way to influence, which tends to go unnoticed except by the most observant.

As we walk through these years, we walk slowly and deliberately, looking but not touching. Much cannot be proved. Allow me to lay out some observations, you see what sense can be made of it. Having read the following, you may wish to start an investigation of your own.

First to keep in mind is that there is no change in the Papal position about one-world government under Roman supervision. And in the western hemisphere of the 1800's only the United States stands in the way of such dominion.

Let's return to Pius IX, who reigned in Rome from 1846-1878. His statements made in encyclicals of 1863-64 are most illuminating to one who would understand the era. As you read the following keep in mind that in 1863 was our "Emancipation Proclamation" and in 1865, the assassination of Lincoln (to the two events many can see a link).

"It is necessary to remember again and to condemn the very serious error into which some Catholics miserably fall, who think that men who live in error and are strangers to Catholic faith and unity can reach eternal life..."

"Catholics [should] be always eager to try to free [men] from the darkness of their error,...and bring them back to Catholic Truth, and to their most loving mother, the Church."

Regarding Mary:

"...during the pontificate of Gregory XVI, our Predecessor of happy memory, there was in the entire Catholic world a most ardent and wondrous revival of the desire that the most holy Mother of God - the beloved Mother of us all, the immaculate Virgin Mary- be finally declared by a solemn definition of the Church to have been conceived without the stain of original sin..."

Whence comes this doctrine?

"...the widespread piety of the Christian people so fervently desires to have accorded to the Most Holy Virgin by a solemn decree and by the authority of the Church and the Holy See."

And where did the people get their ideas? Certainly not from the revealed Word to the apostles. They just "believed " it, because , as I pointed out in Parts I and II, the teachings about "the virgin" were handed down from paganism, and brought into the church when "paganism disappeared."

Why now?

"From our earliest years nothing has ever been closer to Our heart than devotion to the most blessed Virgin Mary."

Nothing? Not even devotion to her Son? What about faith in Jesus?

"Great indeed is Our trust in Mary. The resplendent glory of her merits, far exceeding all the choirs of angels, elevates her to the very steps of the throne of God. Her foot has crushed the head of Satan [ to see the measure of deception being leveled at the people of God here, read Genesis 3:15 for yourself and see who is to bruise the head of Satan!]. Set up between Christ and His Church, Mary...has always delivered the Christian people from their greatest calamities [look up the word "Jesus" or the Hebrew "Yeshua" and see for yourself what it means!] and from the snares and assaults of all their enemies, ever rescuing them from ruin..."

Blasphemy! A thousand times hear it! He has placed the woman above the Son of God. He shows himself here to be a true Babylonian, descended not from Peter, but from Nimrod!

More to the point at hand, the Lincoln crisis. Pius quotes Gregory's 1832 Encyclical, calling insane the notion that

"the liberty of conscience and of worship is the inalienable right of every man, which should be proclaimed by law, and that citizens have the right to all kinds of which they may be enabled to manifest openly and publicly their ideas, by word of mouth, through the press, or by any other means."

Is my history sense dull, or did I just hear the Pope of Lincoln's day call the preamble to our Constitution a thing insane? Aggravated, the Pope cries out further against those who dare to believe

"that the will of the people, manifested by what they call public opinion, or in any other way, constitutes the supreme law, independent of all divine and human right...that the Church can decide nothing which may bind the consciences of the faithful in the temporal order of things..."

"How contrary is this doctrine," he says, " to the Catholic dogma, of the plenary power divinely conferred on the Sovereign Pontiff ...Therefore do We, by our apostolic authority, reprobate, denounce, and condemn...[such] evil doctrines." (emphasis mine)

The Pope seems worried. What he does not understand is that when the will of the people is infused by the will of God, popular rule is a good thing. And when the rule of the sovereign is the rule of Babylon and Babylon's Master, it is an evil thing.

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