Summary: Leprosy and sin have some things in common


II Kings 5:1 - Now Naaman captain of the host of the King of Syria was a great man with his master, and honourable because by him the Lord had given deliverance unto Syria: He was also a mighty man in valour, but he was a leper.

Let’s take a look at Naaman. He had the favor of the King. He had power and authority. And I believe he was the type of man that had the respect and the heart of those around him.

Even the little Israelite maid who had been taken captive and was a servant to Naaman’s wife was moved by compassion for him. She wished he was with the prophet Elisha, who would recover him of his leprosy. Even his servants called him father.

Our text says he was an honorable man and a man of valour. He had even been used of God to deliver Syria. A man who should have been satisfied, but the joy of every victory was cut short, because of the victory he didn’t have in his life.

With every honor that was bestowed on him, there was a thief that always kept his joy from being full. There was a wall that separated him from even those he loved the most.

For among all the good and honorable things he was; he was a leper. That fact was always in the back of his mind.

Did you know that sin and leprosy have a lot in common?

Sin robs you of joy. Sin robs you of life.

All Naaman’s good deeds, all of his honorable ways, all his might as a warrior, and all his kindness to his family, could not cleanse him of the leprosy that covered him.

Only God could purge the leprosy from his life!

A lot of people believe that if they are good, moral, and kind that they are going to be saved, but that is just not so. We were born in sin and ONLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS will cleanse us.

Romans 10:3 says Israel went about to establish their own righteousness, being ignorant of God’s righteousness.

Isaiah 54:17 - This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me saith the Lord.

It is only through Jesus Christ that we have righteousness before the Lord.

But Naaman’s life had not gone unnoticed by the Lord. I believe the Lord had placed the maid in his home to show him the way, to point him to deliverance.

God was making a way for Naaman. God gave Naaman a plan.

The Lord spoke instructions to the man of God for Naaman, but now from this point on it would be up to Naaman.

God has provided instructions for you and me also.

You know sometimes we hear people talk of someone who has passed away. They say, "He never went to church. He never served God, but he was such a good person. Surely God won’t allow him (her) to be lost."

Well, I am not the judge, thank God. But I can tell you this; It won’t be God’s fault if any are lost.

God gave Noah and Naaman a plan, and He has given us a plan.

God has made a way. He gave His Son. He placed His Word with us.

Once Naaman came to the prophet and heard the word of God, once he was given the instructions for deliverance, it was up to him. He could go home a leper just like he came. He could die a leper, but it would not be because God had not provided a cure.

If you die in sin it won’t be because God didn’t provide a cure.

Naaman almost left just like he came. Naaman was like some religious people today. He got mad (offended) because the preacher didn’t run out to meet him and tell him how honored he was to pray for the famous warrior of Syria.

Elisha didn’t treat Naaman like a great man who happened to have leprosy, but like a leper who happened to be a great man.

Elisha knew that if the leprosy was not dealt with first, it would destroy this great man.

Sin in our life, if it is not dealt with, will destroy us.

Old Naaman was like some of us when we were first told of how we should be saved. He got mad! He decided he didn’t need a riled up Jordan. He had good enough rivers at home.

Some people think they can serve God at home.

There are some people today who like to try a little river of giving the preacher their hand or putting their name in the church book.

I am not against a church book, but friend, if that is all you did, you are in trouble.

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Lennis France

commented on Oct 28, 2018

Thanks for sermon it gave me more of Gods word for todays sermon, may God bless.

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