Summary: This message talks about the importance of being real & transparent before God...

Genesis 3:1-7

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. This text bothers me, and it bothers me for a few reasons on today. In this particular text we find Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden, and Eve has just been tricked by that Old wise serpent the devil, and has ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. She has then coaxed Adam into eating of it and now, now they are both realizing that they’re naked. Verse seven in the text says, "And immediately thier eyes were opened and they realized that they were naked, so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves." The King James Version says that, "They were naked and ashamed." And that’s what’s getting to me. Then not to mention later on in the text God is walking through the garden of Eden and Adam & Eve hear him and so they hide from him because they were ashamed. And that’s what I want to talk about. I want to talk for a little bit of time from the subject of, "Naked and Ashamed." Turn to your nieghbor & say "Nieghbor, i’m naked, and ashamed." Yeah turn on the other side of you & tell them "Naked and Ashamed!". Can I talk for just a little while??

My Brothers and my Sisters, if I could keep it real with you for just a few minutes on today, I am convinced today beyond a shadow of a doubt that God wants us to be naked before him. He wants us to be naked. And before I go any further I need to make it clear that when I say the word "naked", many of you are probably thinking about that word in a very physical, sexual conotation. But I need you to take your mind off of the physical and the sexual sense, and put it in the spiritual sense. And so I figured maybe I oughta tell you what it means Biblically to be naked before we go any further. Can I go ahead and drop some things on you? The first thing that nakedness means is, "To be open or discovered". Yes, when you’re naked you’re open for discovery and everything about you is exposed. God wants us to be open with him, to be honest. To be sincere. To be real. To be candid, raw, and transparent before him. We shouldn’t have to hide anything when it comes to God. We should be able to tell him anything, because he already knows all about it. Can I get a witness up in here? We shouldn’t feel wrong about coming to God and being uptight and angry. We should feel free to express ourselves to him. God is a big boy and he can sure nuff handle it amen!! Amen. And so we need to learn how to be open, and honest, and real with God. It makes no sense to hold stuff in with God and not let it out because he already knows!! Christians be trippin’ me out sometimes, talking all that yen-yang about how they’re not gonna talk to God because they’re mad at him and all that stuff. Man, that’s crazy!!! Or we say stuff like, "I’m just gonna hold my breath until God makes a move!" Don’t you know that God can hold his breath a whole lot longer than you!!! But he wants you to be open before him. He doesn’t want you to try to hide anything! But not only that, not only that, nakedness also means, "To be unarmed and defenseless" or it basically means to, "Have your gaurds down." God doesn’t want us to come to him on the defensive end all the time, armed and manned up, trying to keep our gaurd up so that we feel like we can’t let loose and be real around him. You come to him all jakked up, afraid of what to say and how to say it, thinking that you’ll be saying the wrong thing. Come to him afraid to speak your mind, to be real and candid with him about what’s on your mind and what you’re going through. God doesn’t want you to come to him scared & uptight, afraid of him. Yes, the Bible says to fear God, but that’s in a reverence sense, not to the point of where you’re so scared that you’re afraid to talk to him. He wants you to feel comfortable with talking to him and expressing yourself to him, and you can’t be comfortable with somebody and express yourself to them as long as your gaurds are up!!!!! Ohhh, I wish I had somebody to help me up in here!!!!!!! Somebody oughta just shout "Let your gaurds down, let your gaurds down, I said let, let, let, let, let, let your gaurds down!!!" Ohhhhhh, I feel God in here!!!!

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