Summary: God prepared the very first table fellowship in the Garden of Eden so we might know how to worship and have communion with Him.

Dr. Tom Doubt, Senior Pastor

Four Mile Creek Baptist Church

Richmond, VA



A. Today, as is our monthly practice, we will observe the Lord’s Supper as part of our worship.

1. What does the Lord’s Supper mean to you?

a. We may remember Jesus died for our sins

b. It is a time to recall the last meal our Lord had before His crucifixion

c. We note that the bread is a symbol of His broken body, and the cup represents blood shed for us

2. What about a broader meaning: table fellowship

a. It’s not simply about sitting around a table eating food.

b. Rather, it is true communion, the intimate sharing based on common faith

B. Table fellowship is the most basic form of worship

1. It is a personal encounter with God; He & His people are gathered together

2. From Genesis to Revelation: God sets His table in various ways

3. The very 1st table fellowship occurred in the Garden Eden, before sin ruined the communion.

a. God decided & acted; Adam & Eve joined Him

b. The Lord set the table with certain limitations.

c. He provided for every need for this couple.

Read GENESIS 2:15-25 (emphasis on verses 15-18, 25)


A. Often we let life get too fast paced for real fellowship

1. We rush into the house; have only a short time before we go to the next event.

2. Microwaved food was supposed to save precious time, but it hardly preserves table fellowship.

3. Look around in restaurant for evidence Biblical table fellowship. You will probably see 2 types behavior:

a. Some couples will have an entire meal and say little to their companion; or else they are busy talking on their cell phone, ignoring others at the table and annoying me!

b. Other diners are engagee in animated conversation, obviously enjoying their table fellowship.

c. Lord’s table fellowship is intended to be the latter.

B. Throughout history, since the Garden, we have struggled to have genuine table fellowship with the Lord.

1. The Lord’s Day in modern churches reflects a compact time schedule

a. Lord’s Supper is packed into worship, often as add-on at the end of the service.

b. Believers argue whether bread is really the body Christ or a symbol.

2. Jesus instituted table fellowship with tax collectors & sinners and caused quite a stir among the religious establishment.

a. Even the Last Supper had its own turmoil (John 13:8, 27). One disciple said he would never betray the Lord; another hurried off to collect 30 pieces of silver.

b. Joy turned to dispair.

3. Elijah repaired broken table fellowship on Mt Carmel (1 King 18:30). He challenged the prophets of Baal who had led people away from God’s table. Remember what happened? God intervened, the people believed, and fellowship resumed.

4. God provided manna for the Israelites in the wilderness for 6 of 7 days. When the table was set, God instructed them to gather enough on 6th day for Sabbath. Yet some went out on 7th day to find more for the table and you know what happened (Ex 16:27ff).

C. No such difficulties were present at the 1st Table Fellowship in the Garden.

1. Worship was an all day communion with God

2. Worship service was really all worship, all service.

3. All of creation was in perfect balance; gathered naked at His table, yet with no shame.

THEME: Original table fellowship was an intimate model of worship. It was a perfect model of communion with God, containing 3 elements of worship:

God acts; gathers us to His table (v 15)

He sets an abundant table, but with limits (v 16-17)

He provides a means of personal communion (v 18, 25)



1. By His action we are brought together to worship

2. The Lord put man in the Garden that He had planted (v 8, 15)

a. Adam did not act to reserve spot for himself in Garden

b. Eve did not select a parcel with a view of the river

c. Where they were placed was not a matter of chance, but divine intent

3. Notice Adam was to “work” (v 15)

a. The Hebrew word “work” has a root meaning to worship & to serve

b. The Lord intended us to enjoy our labor as part of our obedience, part of our worship

4. God did not need us at His table. No “help wanted” sign hung from heaven. But He did act to gather His people at His table.

5. When gathered, God allowed the man to participate in fellowship.

a. God let Adam name all the animals (v 19-20)

b. The Lord could have named them faster & better

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