Summary: This is a sermon encouraging personal Gospel witness through cultural opportunities such as the recent release of the movie, "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe."

A Cat, A Crone, And A Closet


Clive Staples Lewis, better known as CS LEWIS, was once quoted as saying “You’ve given up smoking once: I’ve given it up a dozen times!”

Perhaps this is why people do not make many resolutions.

We give things up only to return to them, and perhaps, re-vow to give them up again.

The quote was actually taken from an essay that Lewis wrote where he was really teaching about forgiveness and had only quoted an often repeated bit of humor. In context, the passage reads,

“There is no use in talking as if forgiveness were easy. We all know the old joke, ‘You’ve given up smoking once: I’ve given it up a dozen times.’ In the same way I could say of a certain man, ‘Have I forgiven him for what he did that day? I’ve forgiven him more times than I can count:’ For we find that the work of forgiveness has to be done over and over again.”

Maybe we should take this attitude when it comes to resolutions and resolve to do right, to forgive, and to live biblically always and to keep doing so even on the likely occasion that we will fail.

Living biblically, however, requires knowledge of the Bible. Have you wondered why we spend time studying the Bible?

There are several reasons, of course, and here are just a few:

First, we want to grow in our knowledge of God and deepen our spiritual relationship with Him. After all, what is it to be a Christian, than to know and do what Christians are supposed to do according to the One who orders our lives?

Secondly, by studying Scripture we come to better understand God’s world, how to live in it, and how best to represent Him. We are not left in the world to do nothing, but to make a positive impact here, guiding others to the very Source of our salvation.

Thirdly, studying God’s word is not only commanded by God, but He offers us a blessing when do so.

Revelation 1:3 NIV, for example, promises a divine blessing in its very first chapter:

“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take

to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”

This is not a sermon on Revelation, but I just wanted to apprise you of one of the great benefits of reading and abiding the Bible, and filling your life with its contents.


A man whose life was steeped in the Bible and who has had an impact on the lives of thousands of people was the late CS Lewis, who we previously mentioned.

Perhaps you caught the movie about one of the painful times in his life. It was released in 1993 and was titled, “Shadowlands.” This might be something you would be interested in seeing after today’s message.

Lewis was a prolific author, having written numerous books, many of which aptly defend the Christian faith. His book “Mere Christianity” comes to mind, and most certainly has aided many in their personal understanding and in their Christian witness.

Lewis also wrote many articles discussing a great many issues such as the one in the opening quote, but today we are interested in Lewis because of his fiction writing. He did not write without purpose, but with a biblically driven creative impulse.

Today’s focus is on the current movie craze caused by an adaptation of Lewis’ children’s fantasy, “The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.”

How many have seen this movie? How many of you have read the book?

I have done both, and so I felt it good to contribute some thoughts regarding this culturally accepted Gospel presentation.

While I do not presume to know all of his theology, and while I am aware that some have stated concerns regarding some of Lewis’ views, I am not here to go into all that. I merely want to look at what seems to me to be a spiritually stellar contribution to our life and time, by recognizing the message of this movie adaptation of his book (which is quite faithful).


This morning’s sermon message follows the title of the movie in its three points. We’ll call ours,



To begin, and I don’t mean to be a spoiler, but perhaps this will fuel your desire to catch the movie as I tell you something about it. The story is presented as a fantasy, but it is based on the reality of the Gospel message. I do believe that the message is so obvious that one would be hard pressed to miss it, yet some have, and that concerns me because some of those that have not seen the blatant correlation between the two have been professing Christians.

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