Summary: 2nd in a 4 part series using "The Chronicles of Narnia" as a springboard to Biblical truths about Christmas.


The Chronicles of Christmas - Week 2

Genesis 3:1-6 & 1 Corinthians 10:13

INTRODUCTION TO THE SERMON: (After :32 video intro)

If you were to write a story, how would it begin? Most of the world’s greatest stories begin, or at least are set up early on, a painful reality: The world is not as it should be. Cinderella has a wicked stepmother and stepsisters. Hansel and Gretel are driven by starvation to the house of the wicked witch. Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother has been killed by the Big Bad Wolf. The Hobbit’s peaceful world is turned upside down by the discovery of the “one ring.” Why do so many stories begin that way? It’s simple: The world is not as it should be and hasn’t been from very early on in the story of mankind. The world wars, marriages fall apart, children quarrel, politicians, even priests and preachers betray our trust. The world is not as it should be. “All creation is subjected to frustration... and groans to be set free from slavery and decay.” (Rom. 8:20-21 GW)

In C.S. Lewis’ story, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, the magical world of Narnia is not as it should be either. It always winter in Narnia, cold and desolate. But not only is it always winter, it is never Christmas! How did Narnia become so cold? There is an evil witch in the story. Her name is Jadis and she is white, not with the whiteness of purity but with the paleness of death. And we learn early on in the story, and in the movie, that because of her... Narnia is not as it should be.

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As we continue in our series, using this beloved story as a springboard to Biblical truth, we want to look at the seedier side of Narnia. But in doing so we also want to look at the reality of life: things are not as they should be. So this morning let’s see the truth of evil, how evil operates in our lives through temptation and most importantly how there is hope because of Christmas and God’s help.

I. THE TRUTH: Evil Exists

Let’s begin by seeing how the White Witch entered and cursed Narnia, because Lewis’ story has some close correlation to how the Bible says that evil entered our world. In order to understand how Jadis ruined Narnia you have to read the prequel to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, entitled, The Magician’s Nephew. In that first story a young boy by the name of Digory (who by the way, is Professor Kirke in LWW), awakens Jadis by ringing a magical bell. Jadis, had already destroyed her world Charn, because she was jealous of her good sister. But once awakened she starts wreaking havoc. She ends up coming into the world of Narnia just after Aslan, the great King, has created it. In fact, Aslan says to Digory and to His creation, “Before the new, clean world I gave you is seven hours old, a force of evil has entered it; waked and brought here by this son of Adam... And as Adam’s race has done the harm, Adam’s race shall help to heal it.”(MN pg. 80) And so a counterfeit Queen, comes and Narnia is not as it should be.

Now, I want us to see just how similar the way evil entered Narnia is to the Bible’s rendition of how evil entered our world. The story of Creation and how Satan, the counterfeit “king,” came into this new, clean world, not long after the seven days in which it was formed, is described for us in Genesis, chapter 1.

Now, let me pause here for a moment and say something to those of you who may be here just checking this “God thing” out. Maybe you’re not sure about this, or you have come to see if church could be any different than what you experienced as a child & you’re just in a seeking mode. First, let me tell you that we are thrilled that you are here. This church was started with you in mind. There are others here that came here for much the same reason you have and have come to view life from a very different perspective. But for those of you who are “seeking” I want to tell you that what we are about to discuss may be the kind of thing that makes you at first think, “See this is why I don’t come to church. They are going to try and make me believe that God created the earth, which isn’t very scientific is it? And that some talking snake, which I know is not scientific, came in and ruined everything.” I want to put your mind at ease. I am not going to try and convince or make you believe this. What I will say is this. “We, as a church, believe it. Because we believe the Bible to be God’s accurate rendition of history. If we didn’t believe it, we wouldn’t teach it.” And this morning I just want to simply tell you what the Bible says about this topic. It’s interesting to me that the Bible never defends itself. It just assumes our belief in God, the perfect good, and in Satan, the prideful bad. And I believe, for believer and seeker alike, there are lessons here for us.

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