Summary: Sermon#1 of a four part Series focusing on the gifts the children received while in Narina and how those gifts relate to the Gifts we recieve as Christians. This sermon focuses on the "Juice of the Fire-Flower" our calling to use God’s Gift of healing.

C.S. Lewis’ “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” is now a major motion picture playing at theaters all over our area. Lewis wrote this series of children’s stories to provide chidren the opportunity to understand the truths of the Bible. Each book in the series, “The Chronicles of Narina” tells a different story relating to different sections of the Bible. “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” introduces us to four children who venture into the fallen world of Narnia and become an important part of the redemption of Narnia. They are encouraged to join in with Aslan to defeat the witch and the evil she has wrought upon land. Alsan is the Christ figure in the story, a powerful, dangerous and good lion. Together with the faithful of Narnia they triumph in spite of trials and tribulations.

There is a point in the storyline that we will use to focus on during this series. It is the point at which the children, who are running to save their brother Edmond, stop during there journey and receive some special gifts. This excerpt in the book comes from the chapter entitled in the book “The Spell Begins to Break”. A special someone, in a sleigh and eight reindeer, stops to distribute gifts to the children. It is upon these gifts that we will spend the next few weeks to focus on. As the giver presents these gifts to the children he states in no uncertain terms that these gifts are not toys. They are powerful and effective and should be used as tools. The gifts include a sword and shield for Peter, a horn, bow and arrow for Susan and a small bottle of healing elixir for Lucy. The conclusion of the series will be the absolute best gift of all.

It is the healing elixir that Lucy received that we will spend time to un-bottle today. Our focus scripture for today includes a list of gifts that Paul explains are given to us by the Spirit of God to use to bring glory to Him, and to serve the common good. One of the gifts that are distributed among God’s people is the gift of healing. God has gifted his people to be instruments of restoration, and the Bible shows examples of that time and time again.

There are three types of healing that can take place in the lives of people. There is physical healing – the healing of your body. There is emotional healing - the healing of your mind, and there is spiritual healing – the healing of your soul.

Lucy, the youngest of the children was given a bottle of “the juice of one of the fire-flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun.” He told her as he gave it to her, “If you or any of your friends is hurt, a few drops of this will restore them.” I beliebve that Lewis wanted his hearers to know that the gift of healing that all Christians possess, to some degree or another, is to be used for restoration.

Look at the Bible references to healing! Of course we see God our father actively engaged in healing Israel. The books of Numbers, Chronicles and Kings; Job, the Psalms along with the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Hosea all show God healing though the forefathers and by divine pronouncement.

And we have the awesome example of God with us, Jesus the Christ, who by his Word alone restored and even resurrected the dead.

In Narnia, Lucy had been given the gift to heal when she chose to do so, likewise, as our focus scripture states this day, we have the power to bring healing and restoration also. Where do we find our supply of the juice of the fire-flowers that grow in the mountains of the sun? We carry ours in our heart. For the Spirit of God is our supply. My friends, after Jesus ascended back up into heaven the Father sent the Spirit to indwell and empower us, so that we could continue His Kingdom ministry until Christ’s return.

Because we possess this wonderful Holy Spirit juice of the fire-flower; we ought to discover how to use it. I offer to you three Biblical examples of Christians who used the gift of healing to restore others.

I believe that we possibly loose sight of the fact that God is the first cause in all physical healings. It is God who gives our modern day physicians and chemist the knowledge and ability to discover improved ways of treatment and management of physical illnesses. During the times of Jesus man’s knowledge was limited and they understood what dependence upon God meant. When Saul was converted on the road to Damascus and became Paul the Apostle he went to the house of Ananias. Jesus appeared to Ananias and told him that He was sending Saul to him so that he may receive back his sight. When Ananias saw Saul, he placed his hands upon and said, “Brother Saul, the Lord – Jesus, who appeared to you on the road as you were coming here has sent you to me so that you may see again and be filled with the Holy Spirit”. God provided the healing, Ananias was willing to be used by God. In order to use your gift of healing you must become totally dependent on God working through you.

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