Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This sermon describes that Christ is the Lion of the Lord and he roars holiness to people of the earth.

Christ is the Lion. He roars to his children. He has asked all of us to be spiritual jedis. He has asked to use our gifts to influence this place where we work for good. He has asked for us to look upon our potential. He has asked for us to come down from the mountain and bless the children of God with our spiritual presence.

We have chosen the road less traveled. We have chosen to ask God what can we do for him, not what he can do for us. We must choose to come down from the mountain with a purpose. We must choose to go through the wardrobe. We must see past the real world into the spiritual world. We must look for the spirits of light. We must allow the draft to put us on God’s team.

We are called to win, we are called to rise from the fall. We must serve the King. We must grow into the warrior that will seek to challenge the evil that would destroy our familes, our state, our country and finally our world.

We must love. We must love and we must love. Compassion will manifest to others, Christ’s love in our eyes and our demeanor. We must pray for others and we must seek out others who cry in the darkness.

I have seen War and I have seen destruction. It is possible to walk through the valley of death and see the souls who mourn for their fallen comrades. We must be ready to meet our God. We must soak in the words of the Bible like dew upon the fields.

I have seen the death of friends on the battlfield. I have seen the love of the Savior wrap his arms around me as I grieved for my sheep. I truly know the depths of pain that King David felt as he strummed his harp to the tunes of songs lamenting fallen friends and comrades. He stated that the love that he felt for his men and their loyalty to his leadership would be rewarded. He stated that he could not accept the water from his home that they risked their lives to retrieve. I love the stories of the David. I understand him now.

We must read C.S. Lewis. He was a brilliant man. I recently have glanced at his book, "God on the Dock." He logically portrays that the existence of God is a given in a universe so well-ordered. He sees the evil of a Hitler. He helps Tolkien to see; to write a series of books about the fight between evil and good. He was a deep thinker and an advocate for the debate of God’s daily influence and Satan strategic plan to enslave men who allow their weakness to limit their God-given destiny.

Read, Read and Read the books that will complement your knowledge of God that you have found in the Holy Bible.

Praise God and may he bless you with understanding the symbolism that is in Naria and in many books found in the Holy Bible.

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