Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is the 2nd study in the study "Angelology".


Our last study looked at the origin of angels. Angels were created by God before the creation of man. Angels were created to glorify God and to serve God. As we continue in this study, let us look at the nature of angels.

Angels Are Spirit Beings

Hebrews 1:7, 14

Colossians 2:18

While on occasion angels do manifest themselves, their normal practice is to remain invisible. The main reason for this is to prevent people from worshipping them.

Angels Are Innumerable

Hebrews 12:22

God knows how many angels He created but angels are uncountable to mankind.

Angels Possess Separate And Individual Personalities

Angels have the three necessary features required of personality.

1. Intelligence

Daniel 9:21-22

2. Will

Isaiah 14:12-15

3. Emotion

Job 38:7

1 Peter 1:12

Angels Are Superior To Mankind

This is because of Adam’s fall.

Daniel 9:21

1. They are stronger than men.

2. They are smarter than men.

3. They are swifter then men.

Angels Are Inferior To God

1. Angels are not omnipresent.

Daniel 10:12

2. Angels are not omnipotent.

Daniel 10:13

3. Angels are not omniscient.

Matthew 24:36

Series: Angelology [#2]

Wednesday Evening Bible Study August 13, 2003

Bel Aire Baptist Church

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