Summary: God's forgiveness in Jesus Christ

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John 8:1-11 Neither Do I Condemn You do not continue in sin!

"Pastor is it OK to sell a Bible to a prostitute?" You see Laura was a member of a small church in Brazil. She sold Avon products to supplement the family income. One of her weekly routes took her through the red light district. One day after asking her pastor if it is Ok to sell Bibles to prostitutes she took a few Bibles with her on her Avon trips to the red light district.

God opened a door to present Bibles and Christian books in a house of prostitutes. Oddly enough, the house was located directly across the road from a large evangelical church. Ten of these women gathered around a table one afternoon as Laura shared with them the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. A few Bibles and some books containing testimonies of transformed lives were sold that afternoon.

Several months later there were terrible rains and floods in that part of Brazil, causing several deaths. With the floods came mudslides in communities that had been swamped by the rising rivers. Two of the prostitutes who had attended the book demonstration earlier that year talked about the danger and decided to read the Bible they had purchased. It seems their thoughts were the Bible is like a mystery novel, so they started with Revelation in order to find the conclusion of the story. What they read frightened them. They came to REV 21:7, 8: "The cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, and the sexually immoral, the idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

The gal who owned the Bible became alarmed and exclaimed, "We're lost! We're lost!" Her housemate replied, "No, you're lost. I'm not lost because I do penance every day." Still alarmed and concerned, they continued to read. A few days later God sent Laura. These two women literally pulled her off the street and shoved the Bible into her hands. "Read this part right there! Tell us what it means!" they ordered. Laura read the verses and responded, "It means that when you practice and live in one of these sins, you will not be permitted to enter heaven."

Again, the owner of the Bible cried, "We're lost! We're lost! I told you we were lost!" Her friend again assured her, "No, you're lost. I'm not lost because I repent every day."

"Repentance," Laura explained, "is when you confess your wrong and completely turn around. You did not repent. Repenting is turning from your sin. You only felt guilty for your sins."

Again, the prostitute shouted even louder, "We are lost! We're lost!" After sharing the plan of salvation and trying to pray with them Laura returned home planning to visit again. One week passed by and she made her way down the muddy and rutted dirt streets of that little suburb. On arriving at the home of the two prostitutes, she was handed a note by the one who had been so assured of her false repentance. Laura, Enclosed is the money I owe. Thank you so much for help. After your visit last week, I returned to my hometown and am living with my parents. On Sunday I attended an evangelical church and gave my heart to the Lord Jesus. If ever I visit your city again, it will only be to attend your church. Jesus has made me a different person. Maria Isabel

We can never estimate the power of God's Spirit working through His Word to convict, regenerate and transform lives in Jesus Christ. This is true story by Richard Jacobsen.

When Jesus Christ comes into your life, He sets you free! There is no greater freedom in all the earth than having all your sins forgiven and being at peace with God. John eight opens with Jesus teaching a crowd of people who were coming and going in the Temple. It was early in the morning when Jesus began to teach them. Not everyone of course was ready to hear Him teach. A group of Pharisees called for His death, and were ready to trap Jesus.

1. How does JESUS DEAL WITH SINNERS? (8:3-6)

Jesus helps people where ever and in whatever condition He finds them. He was busy teaching when He was interrupted by an unkind group that wanted to censure Him. They came in dragging a woman who they want judged. Here was a woman who was found in the act of adultery. These men testified that she was caught in "the very act" of adultery. They bring Him a woman caught in adultery on a religious holiday. She was Morally naked, Spiritually ruined and Socially shamed.

There is no question about her guilt. John repeats the statement twice in two verses. She had lived in uncontrollable adulterous relationships so long that she is now described as an adulteress. Where was the man? There had to be two sinners? Who set the deliberate trap for her? She was guilty. There is no question about that. But it is also a candid reminder that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God". Is this woman the only one with a spiritual problem? No, we all have a spiritual problem.

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