Summary: God entered into a Never-Ending agreement with Abraham. God entered into a Un-ending agreement with David. With you and me, God has entered into an Agreement that Never Ends!


"I have found David, My servant, I will steady him with My hand, and strengthen him with My arm. Wicked people will not defeat him, My loyalty and love will be with him, My love will watch over him FOREVER, My agreement with him will NEVER END."

(Psalm 89:20-28)

Some Christians seem to have this "idea" about God, which they liken to how humans often respond to each other, but God isn’t like us. God doesn’t act like we do!

Even among Christians, when one wrongs another, they get wronged right back! It is NOT how we should act, but sometimes we act that way toward others! God never acts that way toward us!

We enter into an agreement with another, and if things go bad, we want to get out of our agreement, we go to great lengths to get out of our agreement, and the other often fights back, but, sometimes they go

to court and sometimes they both "mutually agree" to terminate the agreement!

God is NOT like that. In this, God doesn’t act like we think He does, or think He should. God is loyal! God is faithful! God remains true! God doesn’t go back on His word! When God promises, God fulfills, always!

Look at this entire passage in your Bible. It

is a "view of David" from God’s prospective. We know David loved The Lord. God loved him and made Him a King over Israel. But, David is guilty of Lust, of Greed, of Deception, and he is also guilty of Murder!

Yet of David God says, "Wicked people will

not defeat him, My loyalty and love will be with

him, My love will watch over him forever, My

agreement with him will never end." (Psalm 89:22-28)

God’s love for David was continual, even though David sinned. God’s love for Moses was always there, even though Moses sinned. God’s love for Peter was always true, even when Peter turned his back on Jesus!

Somehow we think that if we turn away from God, that God turns away from us! But, it’s NOT about our faithfulness, or about our obedience, nor is it about our "works", or about our "faith."

The Bible is a Record Book, detailing God’s

faithfulness to His people. God never failed

His people, and God will never fail His children!

Christians often are guilty of saying 2 things,

(first) that it’s all by, and because of, Jesus.

We proclaim, "Jesus did it all for us." And we

believe Jesus "opened the door" and "finished

His work" on the cross,.. all for us,.. and He did! And then, (secondly) we quickly say, "But I must continue to the end, or God will cast me out."

Christ DID do it all for us. And our Faith could be

called a work, if you wish to call it that. Faith is

also a gift, given to each of us by God, our creator.

Paul asks, "What do you have that you have not received?" (I Cor. 4:7)

We seem to be always trying to put OURSELF

and what WE do as the main point. Jesus is and

should be the main point! He obtained salvation for

us. He finished His work. He fulfilled the law for

us. All that we need to do is to believe ALL that He

has done for us. He saved us. We don’t save


Jesus did it all for us. It’s a finished work. All that you have to do is to beleive that all of it it was done for you. Often, however, we seem to think that WE brought it about, or that WE obtained it, or that WE are the reason that God loves us. WE think that WE make it work. WE think: "what I do makes it


Yes, each of us has a free will, we can choose

to take His Gift of Salvation, or we can choose

to NOT accept it. We are not robots. We have a

chance to take salvation or not. Agreed?

Yet we still seem to think that what WE do has

some magical power. WE think that our part

(believing) is somehow JUST as important as what Jesus did! WE seem to think that if WE fail to obey, that God will go back on His word and take back His free gift! That is false!

You entered into an agreement with God, by

your free will. The promise is "when you believe,

it becomes yours." God promises that "Nothing

will ever separate us from God." (Rom. 8:39)

Yet WE think that we have the power to turn

away and to lose it. But, GOD has promised

NEVER to leave us. (Hebrews 13:5) So, why do WE

think WE can do anything to make God leave?

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