Summary: Christmas has been so secularized, even by Christians, that God’s intention has been obscured.

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(Galatians 4:1-7)

Some people act as though God’s reputation rested upon their shoulders. God needs their help or He will not make it through. These people exhibit a spirit of spiritual arrogance.

Some church leaders in America wired C. H. Spurgeon in London to come over and deliver a series of lectures on the Bible. Spurgeon wired back and said, “I’m too busy to come but the Bible does not need any defense. Set it loose and it’ll take care of itself.”

My opinion is, if God needs my help I certainly do not want His.

We have today what is called the war on Christmas. I refer to this as the “Scrooge factor.” If some people realized how stupid they sounded, they would keep quiet.

I like what Solomon says in Proverbs 29:11, “A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.”

We certainly need more “wise men.”

Of all the “real” problems in our world, why do some focus their venomous hatred on one day out of the year?

Why do the Christmas emblems offend them so deeply?

Why don’t they focus on the real problems in our society?

• Those 26 people murdered in an elementary school this week.

• People killed every day because of alcohol related incidences.

• The destruction of our nation because of the gruesome aspect of addictions.

• People murdered every day out of anger, spite and hatred.

There’s no political solution for any of these. I will take them seriously when they seriously take on the real problems of our society. Anybody who believes that the Christmas tree is a real threat to our society needs to be locked away so they do not hurt themselves.

They are attacking the wrong things. Things that don’t matter just to call attention to themselves and get a spot on TV.

Put that aside and consider the Christmas holiday. I believe we are in real trouble. Christmas, as celebrated today, almost contradicts God’s intention. Very few people, even among those who call themselves Christians, understand what Christmas was all about.

Theme… Christmas has been so secularized, even by Christians, that God’s intention has been obscured.

What people are celebrating today has very little connection with the real meaning of Christmas.

The danger we face is obscuring the real message of Christmas with the collective pageantry of our culture. It is possible that the pageantry shields us from the real truth and we are in danger of trivializing a very sacred message.

For example, Santa Claus is a caricature of St. Nicholas.

And, what about Rudolph the red nose reindeer?

We often see the sign, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

I know what they mean, but they are in danger of missing the mark. If you think about it, Jesus is not the reason for what is happening in our culture today during this season.

During the Christmas season, people give way to the lust of the flesh all in the name of Jesus. The partying, the overindulgence, the going into debt buying things that are not necessary for people who have more than they need.

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