Summary: Every advancement in the way people live has come about because someone saw what could be and was no longer willing to accept what is!

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Pastor Ian Johnson Papatoetoe Elim Church 20:04:2004

Every advancement in the way people live has come about because someone saw what could be and was no longer willing to accept what is!

All Inventions

All breakthroughs in science

All social change

Came about because they refused to accept that there wasn’t a better way.

A lot of them had many failures along the way. Many often worked many years to find the answer but in all cases the change came because someone refused to give up.

People like:

Abraham Lincoln

Mother Teresa

Winston Churchill

The Prophet Jeremiah

As a result of people never giving up, Millions of people have benefited from their breakthroughs.

I want to relate the story of a very rich man who was travelling through the countryside of Scotland heading toward a very important meeting when His can became stuck in the mud and he was stranded in the middle of nowhere. A poor Farmer came to his aid and rescued him and gave him bed for the night. The rich man was so grateful that he promised to pay for a full education for the poor farmer’s son. True to his word the rich man paid for the education. The young man was Alexander Fleming the man who discovered Penicillin. The story doesn’t end here, the rich mans son was wounded toward the end of the First World War and he was saved by Penicillin. The rich mans name was Spencer Churchill, and his son saved by penicillin was Winston Churchill who went on to be the Hero leader of 1939-45 England.

Can you see that one act of breakthrough can change the course of History.

People who don’t put up with the status quo change things.

The same is true in the spiritual

Every revival started because someone wasn’t happy with the status quo.

The Bible is full of declarations about dramatic change.

Even when our attitude is causing the problem Jesus still reaches out to bring change.

For instance in REV 3:16-17 Jesus is saying the Luke warm church is so repugnant to Him that he will vomit them out of His mouth, the 3 verses later in Rev 3:20 He says behold I stand at the door and Knock, if any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and fellowship with him and he with me”

How wonderful Jesus is, even when he is ready to spit us out He still reaches out to rescue us! Praise His wonderful name.

I used to have a sticker on the dash board of my car which said “If you don’t feel close to God guess who moved” I loved to pick up hitch hikers and have them sit there with the big sticker speaking to them. Jesus is alway reaching out its not him who moved its us.

The Lord is full of compassion

The enemy however is full of hostility toward:

our success

Our breakthrough

Our blessing

Our healing

Our Church

Our walk with God

Matt 2 tells us that Herod attacked the babies because he knew that if the baby grew up He would be King. He was trying to destroy the future.

Acts 11 talks about the Church in Antioch. It was started by unknown people - the church reached both Jew and Gentile – was persecuted and yet grew to be the biggest New Testament church for 50 years

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