Summary: never underestimate the power of this simple word: Nevertheless is your bridge to the supernatural. Nevertheless puts the power back in Gods hands. Nevertheless activates heaven on your behalf and paralyzes hell.

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Help I've got a net breaking boat sinking blessing. ( I've got a too much blessing) It's too much for me.

If you would have been on the shore that day, that is what you would have heard Peter yelling to his partners on the shore.

But that shouldn’t surprise us, Isn’t that what the bible says: Pressed down shaken together and running over Shall men give unto your bosom?

You know many of the things we buy today have words written on them that say contents May settle during shipping. And sure enough you open the bag or box and it looks like somebody stole a third of your product.

But I want you to know that God has a blessing with your name on it and the contents haven't settled. As a matter of fact not only have contents not settled (contents are overflowing).

That means that it wouldn't all fit in the Box. It’s a too much blessing

Most of us Have a hard time, Most of the time believing for a just enough blessing.

Just enough to pay the rent.

Just enough to put gas in the car.

Just enough to buy a few groceries

Just enough to keep the lights on.

Friend That's a Wilderness mentality That's called the Wilderness of just enough. When God brought Israel out of Egypt He took them through a wilderness of Just enough but it was only suppose to be a hall way to the Land of overflow, the land that flowed with milk and Honey.

(Just enough is definitely better than never enough) but it's not the Promised Land.

God wants to take you to the Promised Land.

The Lord told me to tell somebody that he has a blessing with your name on it. It's in the post office it's been dispatched from heaven and it's waiting for you to put your claim on it.

You've prayed you've confessed the word, you've worked your faith you've stood on the word.

But if you’re honest with yourself many of you are in the same place Peter was that day!

You've been disappointed. (Somebody I'm talking to today has been in a disappointing season) Your faith has been disappointed over and over again You've thrown your net out over and over again and it seems like it has been for nothing And it feels like all that prayer and all that believing and all that confessing was just a waste of time.

But The Lord says to prophesy to you: your disappointing season shall come to an end. (Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning).

You know when you order something they give you a delivery date (that is your appointment to receive what you have ordered).

The Lord says this is Your Divine appointment

But you say I’ve been to the post office 6 times already and there's no sign of my package, no evidence of rain anywhere (Go again Elijah said)

The Holy Spirit is telling you (Go again) Persistent faith never loses.

Then His Servant comes back and says: this time I saw a little cloud the size of a mans hand.

Elijah said I hear the sound of an abundance of rain.

I prophesy to you: your drought shall be over taken by an abundance Of rain.

The Lord said: Prophesy a New season, a New Anointing (So I prophesy today A New Season A New anointing) An anointing for break through and release and supernatural abundance.

There is an anointing for every season of your life. (There's an anointing for the hard places).

There's an anointing to sustain you through the drought.

There is an anointing for your long nights of fruitless labor.

And there is an anointing for breakthrough and release and supernatural abundance.

Lift your hands and ask God the shift you into the anointing for abundance breakthrough and supernatural release.

Jesus was trying to shift Peter into a new anointing (but he resisted).

I’m paraphrasing: Peter said Lord It's all been for nothing: we’ve worked so hard for nothing ( we’ve work so hard just for empty Nets) we've prayed and fasted and confessed your word for nothing.

It's all been for nothing.

Friend let me give you a revelation (nothing is great preparation for too much).

God will usually always take you through a season of nothing just before the break through into too much.

Why? because God wants all the glory ( he wants you to know and everyone else that it was not the strength of your flesh)

You are not the Savior

You are not the Healer

You are not the deliverer

You are not the miracle worker.

He wants you to know experientially that it's the anointing that produces the Miracle. It's not by might nor by power But by my spirit saith the Lord of hosts.

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Gordon A Ward Jr

commented on Apr 9, 2017

Fantastic and plenty of room for expounding ! Thank u and many blessings....

William Drummond

commented on May 7, 2017

Wonderful sermon.

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