Summary: A new way to look at love

Matthew Eyerman

September 14, 2003

Triumph of the Cross

St. Columbanus Revival

I. Introduction

1. it is ruined

2. no good

3. needs to be thrown out

4. was at Walgreens this week

5. look what I found

6. card

a. “loving you is the easiest thing I do”

b. happy sweetest day

7. first of all what is sweetest day

a. another made up holiday

b. opportunity to buy a card for someone you won’t buy a ring for

8. different sermon

9. we have ruined the word love

II. Bridge

1. I love

a. my parents

b. white castles

c. hummers

d. eggs over easy

2. we have ruined the word love

3. commercials tell us

a. love your laundry detergent

b. love your car

c. love your dog food

4. use it so much it does not mean anything

5. overused and tired

6. like 50 cent

a. why buy the CD

b. every song is on the radio

c. again and again and again

7. the word love is worn out

III. connection to Gospel

1. problem hits us today in the gospel John 3:16“For God so loved the world

2. what does love mean

3. how are we suppose to live it out

John 13:34I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. 35By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

4. treat you like I treat White Castles

5. or treat you like I treat my laundry detergent

IV. solution

1. I have the solution

2. we can continue to use the word love

3. call Hallmark, the hallmark moments can continue

4. but for us we need a new word

5. one that reveals the depth of faith

6. I know


8. turn to someone and announce the sermon title

9. I FROG you

V. F --- family ---- #1

1. f --- family

2. we are family

a. not just a Sister Sledge song

b. I can go real old school on you

c. but a way of life

3. the biological family of Jesus came to Jesus to see Him

4. and demanded to see Him

5. Jesus looked around and the believers

Matthew 12:50For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

VI. F ---- family ---- #2

1. what makes us related

2. if this was biological class

a. DNA

b. call Jerry and get a paternity test

3. this is theology class

a. only one DNA that makes us related

b. only one blood test needed

c. forget the needles

d. because the only blood that makes us one is the Blood of Jesus

4. are you washed in the blood

5. have you accepted Jesus

6. then you are not a stranger

7. you are not even my sweetheart looking for a card on Sweetest Day

8. you are

9. I am

10. we are

11. family

VII. F --- Family ---- #3

1. borrow a move from Rev. Dr. Ramona Joseph

2. liked it and we need to do it more

3. take someone by the hands

4. and pray for them

a. out loud

b. if there was a billion dollars waiting for you at the end of the prayer

c. you would pray so loud the neighbors would hear

d. well

e. better than all the riches in the world

f. you family

5. they are not strangers, they are family

6. thank God

a. your family has shown up

b. your family is here so you have someone to pray for

c. and someone who is praying for you

7. ask God

a. to protect your family

b. to ease their burdens

c. to lift them up

8. praise God for family

9. say: “I FROG you”

VIII. R ---- real --- #1

1. R is for real

2. R. Kelly might think he put the R in R & B

3. but I put the R is FROG

4. keep it real

5. let’s keep it real about our faith life

IX. R --- real ---- #2

1. we have been to one, two, three, or four days of revival

2. might feel closer to God

3. ready for the year ahead

4. standing in God’s love

5. let me give you a dose of reality

6. once you walk out these doors

7. devil will really mess with you

8. closer you get to God

9. more you invite people to God

10. more the devil will mess with you

11. when we were up to no good and living wrong

12. devil did not bother us

13. why because we were already doing evil

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