Summary: Finding Eternal Life in Christ.


John 11:1 – 26

Jesus Christ raised three people from the dead!

There was a child that was only twelve

A young man that was on his way to the graveyard

And then there was Lazarus dead and buried in

His tomb for four days already!!!

So basically Jesus broke up every funeral that

He went to!!!

Our life here on this ole earth is quite mysterious

To most of us, And also complex to most of us

There’s many things that they can do today in the

Laboratory like with proteins and cloning

And I don’t even know what all!!!

And I’m sure the list goes on and on

But man will never be able to create life,

Out of nothing.

It’s a terrible understatement that life is only

Chemistry as some atheist chemists believe

It’s a living miracle when we see even the

Simplest forms of life!!

Jesus Christ offering eternal life is really not no

More a miracle than us living to start with!!! AMEN!

There’s been people that have predicted the time

Of their own death

But the only one who not only predicted the time

Of his death but also the day of His resurrection

And we all know that that’s Jesus Christ

Back in Chap 2 Jesus told his critics

Destroy this temple and I will raise it up in three days

And of course the Jews said oh it took forty six

Years to build this temple

And you will raise it in three days???

But they didn’t realize that Jesus was speaking

Of His temple

So when He had risen from the dead

His disciples remembered that He had said this

And they all believed the scripture

And the word that Jesus said!!!

And all through the ages there have been many

Times when God has been victorious in His

Dealings with Man

But the greatest of them all was when Jesus

Christ rose from the dead

In an earth shattering moment

Jesus conquered the three greatest enemies

Of all mankind




Just like that ole song Victory in Jesus

He won the Victory over Sin

From the beginning in the garden of Eden

Man has been fighting sin

And because we are descendants of Adam

We have inherited this thing called sin from him

Just like little kids

You don’t have to teach them to do wrong

They do it all by themselves

And we have to teach them the right things to do

Romans 5:12 says:

Wherefore as by one man sin entered into

The world, and death by sin and so death

Passed upon all men

For that all have sinned

Sometimes we don’t even want to sin

Because we already know its harmful to

Our well-being

And we just can’t seem to be victorious

Over this little thing called sin

We think its influence over us is so strong

But sin and the devil have no power over us

Its only as powerful as we allow it to be

Romans 7:18 says:

For I know that in me that is in my flesh

Dwelleth no good thing; for to will is present

With me; but how to perform that which

Is good I find not!!!

The Apostle Paul uses the term Flesh in

A variety of ways

Sometimes it simply refers to the phyu7sical


And sometimes it refers to physical descent

But here in VS 18 it’s used in an ethical sense

To refer to a condition of being dominated

By sin and sinful pursuits!

VS. 19 says:

For the good that I would I do not

But the evil which I would not, that I do!

But by the death of Jesus Christ on the

Cross at Calvary

Jesus provided us a way by which our

Sin can be removed

It’s by his resurrection (along with his blood)

That God can declare us

Perfectly righteous in Him

Have you ever been justified or

declared righteous

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection have

Provided us this way

But you must accept Him in your heart

And believe that God has raised Him

From the dead


Romans chap. 10 VS. 9 & 10 says:

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth

The Lord Jesus and shalt believe in thine

Heart that God hath raised him from the

Dead, thou shalt be saved

For with the heart man believeth unto

Righteousness; and with the mouth confession

Is made unto salvation!!!

He is there for the asking

And in doing so

You get forgiveness for your sins

And also you get eternal life in heaven




And you miss that terrible place called Hell!!!

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