Summary: Sermon on 3 lights we need in our life

New Lighting Anyone?

3 Sources of light

1. God is light

He was light in the beginning - He is light now - and He will be the only light we will need in heaven.

As I was studying from Adam Clark commentary. He said: Light is the purest most subtle, most useful and most diffusive (wide spread) of all of God’s creatures.¨ He called it a creature not creation.

I John 1:5-7

This fellowship is us with God and God with us.

Seeking His guidance, seeking His face

Talking to Him

Reading His word

Working at a true friendship with Him

Staying close

Connecting regularly

Following His commands

The result will be salvation through His Son.

2. Jesus is Light

Remember even at His birth a star appeared in the heavens to announce His birth.

OT Prophesy foretold God would send this light to earth for all those living in darkness.

John 8:12

The result is salvation through Him if we have accepted Him and followed His life style.

I am going to read another passage, but here is a little bit of history of Jesus’s life up to this point. He was born, He grew up , He was baptized, He was tempted without sin, He preached repentance, He drew crowds to Him and taught them.

3. We are Light

Matthew 5:14

Jesus said it.

It seems after studying about this that He was using prominent examples of that time and setting to make His point.

As He said: You are the light of the world.¨

He pointed to the sun and said you will warm, give light and life to people you deal with from now on. Just like the sun does the earth. This is what I want you to do.

As He said: You are like a city on a hill.¨

He pointed to a hill next one over with a city on it. And said this is how your life will be now as you follow me.

1. On display.

2. You’re more noticed.

3. You are light and refuge, you will be sought out.

4. You are set apart now so stand together.

As He said: you won’t hide your light.¨

Those people knew only people whose deeds were evil. (Robbers, thieves, murders used that.)They put a bushel basket over their light until attack time.

As He said: You will display your light on a stand, so the most possible can partake of the light.¨

Those people didn’t have PG&E and generators.

They knew the power of a single light in the darkness.

As He said: They will see your good deeds and and glorify your Father in Heaven.¨

They knew He was a different type of light tat they had never seen before.

They knew from Him that His light was from His Father in Heaven and He was giving it to them and it would now reflect from them back to God.

When you deal with people they will see God because you are reflecting into Him.

God is glorified when people in darkness come to the light (Jesus) because of our light. It is His main design for our life.

Jesus was saying:

When you can shine the power of God’s grace in your life purely, subtly and in a useful way so others seek Him this is what Glorifies God.

Just like a traveler in the dark seeking a city or one in total darkness looking for a light of any kind.

Are we pure, subtle, useful and diffusive (wide spread) as lights?

Now applying this to this ministry:

I believe we need to be sure we are connected good to our main source. (check our wiring)

Also I think we might need new and improved lighting.

Because Jesus said so in Matt 5:14 we know for sure we are light. (If we have accepted Jesus and His

teachings) He said so.

The free will part is what kind of light we become (after 5:14 He gives lots of instruction for living.)

Let’s look at a few types of Lightening we could choose.

You may have been ministered to by a few of these yourself. (Hopefully the later ones)

Glaring Headlights

Startle whoever is in front of us


Slam on breaks short time

Run over

Don¡¦t look back


Very tall and useful in total darkness

Sounds good

Works like clock work

Mostly helps higher levels

An occasional quick light to the lowly

Beautiful lamp

Great light

Gorgeous shade

Warm cozy look

Solid brass stand Works on occasion- on-off-on-off

Might stay on it handled just right

Gives occasional shock

Very touchy

Seems to indicate major problem in the power source

Lazer Beam

Wow, perfect for correcting and repairing almost anything

With a quick zap- in and out- even with no permission or training

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