Summary: Our world is filled with all kinds of signs...the Bible tells of other signs.

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New Signs of an old Story

I guess I will share with you that I can sometimes be directionally challenged. I don’t really get worried about being lost…I am not sure that most to the times I take an original route to some place that I would ever say I was really lost.

I have told ya’ll before that I have pretty much found the industrial section of every town I have ever visited. Renee on the other hand can get uptight if we don’t have an exact position of where we are. She is the one that reads the signs….Speed limit signs, what city is in what direction, which exit takes us toward our destination.

We are a country that depends on sighs and labels. Posted keep out, one way…

I went out on the internet to grab some pictures of some signs….

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There are plenty of traffic signs that can be more confusing than helpful.

Signs of all kinds are reminders of how we should act in any given situation. Our lives are filled with signs…indicators of things to be prepared for.

For weeks and perhaps even a month or longer we have started seeing sprouting of red and green tensile…signs of a rapidly approaching “Christmas season.” I don’t know if that gives you a spark of excitement or some level of worry. But it is likely to at least raise some level of awareness in most of us.

The Black Friday advertising and news reports were obvious signs to most of us of the approach of the Secular Christmas celebration only a few weeks away. This post thanks giving push seems to try to make us feel desperate to get out there and fight for deals on the must have items. Some physically…

Personally I get over whelmed. The avalanche of Christmas advertising makes me feel like I am in the middle of the ocean and don’t know which way to land.

I don’t know if I just give up or I become complacent and just go with the flow.

What can any of us do about it? Christmas is upon us. The signs make to approach of Christmas obvious.

Our lives are filled with all kinds of signs to direct and warn and to help us. It is pretty obvious that we all need to develop a common understanding and response to signs…

Traffic signs are an example of a category that the people within a community should agree on a meaning. We should have an agreement that a stop sign and traffic lights should have the same response from all drivers. Not just for the good of the individual but for all the other people on the road.

While we have a lot of signs directing our attention toward Christmas we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of other signs as well.

Not all signs are manmade. Right now when we go outside we are bombarded with a series of signs that tell us that summer is over and winter is pretty much here. The temp and the leaves blowing all around make a pretty clear statement as to what we can expect for the next few months.

I am guessing that some of you are looking at the decorations and wondering how the scripture this morning could have any direct connection to the birth of Jesus.

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