Summary: God would take you to the ‘high places’ of joy, peace and happiness! I’m blessing someone right now! Rejoice!

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He will make your feet like Hinds feet!

Habbakuk 3:19”The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.”

Usain Bolt, the "fastest man in the world," is 6 feet 5 inches, some say, the secret to Bolt's speed lies in his height and his strength. Today I want to talk about being blessed with ‘hinds’ feet!’ God’s blessings for the coming New Year is to give you hind’s feet and make you walk upon high places! The hinds feet is given us an example in the Bible, because they bound swiftly across a dense forest , often jumping 8 feet into the air. The strong muscles of a deer's hind legs provide most of the power for running and jumping. If today you feel your life is dragging you back with difficulties, then this message would certainly encourage you! An arrow can be shot only by pulling it backwards!

I know some of you have been having a choking time of running for jobs, running to doctors, advocates and financiers, God would strengthen your feet and take you to high places! God would take you from the valleys to the mountains where the view is lovely and the air is fresh and sweet! God would take you to the ‘high places’ of joy, peace and happiness! I’m blessing someone right now! Rejoice!

Strength through prayer:

There is fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of purpose, loss of hope, anger, disillusionment, confusion, disorientation, and discouragement that wraps around us today; the challenge is to cross these hurdles without falling down. You cannot do this in your strength, do you hear me? You need Jesus! I know the challenges you guys face at your work spot, in your colleges, at home and almost everywhere; the message today is to equip you to run and win. Most are weary, tired, weak, feeble, dull, irritated and like inflated balloons because they have failed to have communion with the Lord! Are you listening? Just few hours ago someone said, ‘the church is too far and it is too cold so I would not be able to come to church for the 31st watch-night service’, this is what you call as weak or lazy legs. Such legs would be turned to hinds feet through prayer!

Hannah is introduced in the book of Samuel as a weeping, weak, heart-broken woman but the moment she arises leaving her doting husband behind to walk into the presence of the Lord, we see a confident and determined woman, later after receiving the miraculous son Samuel, she rejoices in the Lord and sings: 1 Samuel 2:4.”….they that stumbled are girded with strength. “ When the Lord spoke to me to arrange for a ‘three days fire camp’ shortly after I’ve had a major operation, I was apprehensive and worried because it involved travel, hard preparation and preaching for three days. The Lord promised to supply the energy! I obeyed the Lord and went ahead with the arrangements for the meetings, the Lord was faithful and stepped in to pump the necessary energy required for the fulfillment of His plans. In fact, there was an overflow of energy because I came back from the fire camp and started getting involved with the ‘summer camp for the kids’ in our church. Friend, stop trusting your pills for energy look unto Jesus who is our strength!

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