Summary: Nicodemus came to Jesus at night. Did he come on his own behalf or was he on a mission for others. He stated what he knew about the Lord. Like the world he knew about Him, but he didn’t KNOW Him.


John 3:1-3


Nicodemus came to Jesus at night.

I have been thinking about Nicodemus and his conversation with Jesus.

1. The man who came. Vs 1

-Nicodemus – “conqueror”.

-He was religious – “a Pharisee”

--A sect that strictly kept the law.

--They also added to the law.

--They were very visual in their religion.

--They prayed openly, gave openly (Matt. 6)

--They, like most Jews, were looking for the


-He was a respected man – “a ruler of the Jews”

--He was a member of the Sanhedrin

---A council of Jewish elders

---70 of them (from the time of Moses?)

---Had to be full blood Jew.

---Had to be married.

---Had to be a priest.

---Had to be well educated in the Scripture.

-Highly respected (even today)

2. The manner in which he came.

-At night…

--Afraid for other Pharisees to see him (???)

--On a secret mission from the Sanhedrin (???)

--Rabbi – teacher – He showed respect toward Jesus.

-"WE"…it seems to suggest he was not acting alone.

--Who else was involved here besides Nicodemus?

---Pharisees? Sanhedrin? Family?

-"We know"…

--The word (oy’-da) means they we know by sight.

---Not a head knowledge, but a knowledge by experience.

---He (they) obviously had seen Jesus earlier.

---He (they) had heard Him speak.

--Nicodemus only thinks he knows….

---The world knows about Jesus.

---Lost often try to tell me about Him.

--The world says “we know”

-"We know thou art a teacher". Vs 2

--This much of the world admits.

--They had heard him teach in the synagogue.

-"We know about the miracles". Vs 2:23

--Many admit to many of the miracles.

--They had seen Jesus at the marriage.

--Heal the sick etc.

--Many will call on Him for a miracle when they need one.

-"We know God is with you".

--Otherwise you couldn’t do these things.

--He recognized the power and presence of God in His life.

---In His teaching and in His miracles.

3. The message he received.

-It is not enough to know about Jesus.

-It is not enough to be religious. (he was)

-It is not enough to be outwardly righteous. (he was)

-It was not enough to do good works. (he was a high


-It was not enough to recognize Jesus as a great teacher.

-It was not enough to recognize His power.

-It is not enough to recognize the Power and presence

of God in Jesus life and ministry.

-Jesus still said “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Vs 3


-The new birth comes by faith. Vs 15,16

-The world is condemned because of sin. Vs 18

-Jesus came to give us eternal life. Vs 36

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