Summary: An Exposition of the First Commandment with Emphasis on its Current Application.


q The commandments begin with God. That is where life begins and ends. God himself lies at the heart of the commandments. These are God’s commandments and His name and character are stamped through them.

q It is only possible to obey the commandments when we are in proper relationship with the God who gave them.

q It starts the commandments with a declaration of who God is.

q This command underpins all the others. All the other commandments revolve around this one.


I. The First Commandment is based on God’s uniqueness

A. (Isa. 45:22) N.B. “The Lord your God” singular not plural

B. It starts with a declaration of who God is

1. “I am” – the living God

2. “LORD” – the self-sufficient one who reveals himself to his people

3. “God” – the creator and sustainer of the universe, maker of all things, the absolutely omnipotent one.

4. Deliverer/Redeemer – brings his people out of bondage

II. The Significance of the Commandment

A. It underscores the need to understand who God is

B. God demands first place and exclusive devotion

C. It rules out atheism – presupposed belief in God

D. It rules out polytheism – Egypt had over 2000 gods and goddesses, Canaan had Baal, Ashtoreth, etc.

E. It rules out idolatry – An idol is anything that we put before God. It is a misrepresentation of God (Isaiah 40:18-26)

1. External idolatry

2. Internal idolatry

a. Possessions (Matt. 19:16-22, N.B. 22)

b. Riches (Luke 12:16-21; Matt. 6:24)

c. People (Matt. 10:37; 19:27-29)

d. Career (Matt. 4:20)

e. Pleasure (II Tim. 3:4)

F. It rules out faithlessness. Faith is confidence in God.


A. Note. Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:31-32

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