Summary: Our constant claims of hot bread backed only by stale crumbs on frayed carpets of man’s tradition have left countless generation’s hungry, homeless, and with nowhere else to go but Moab.

No More Bread,

“In the House Of God”

The priority of God’s presence has been lost in the modern Church. We‘re like bakeries that are open, but have no bread.

And furthermore, we’re not interest in selling bread. We just like the chit-chat that goes on around cold OVENS and EMPTY shelves.

In fact, I wonder, do we even know whether He’s here or not, and if He is here what He’s doing? Where He is going? Or are we just too preoccupied with sweeping out imaginary crumbs from the bakeries with no bread.

On the day Jesus made what we call His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on the back of a little donkey, His path through the city, He probably went past the entrance to the temple of Herod. I believe the reason the Pharisee were upset at the parade in John 12 is because it disturbed their religious service inside the temple.

I can hear them complaining, what is all this noise, don’t you know you guys are disturbing the high priest. We are having a very important service inside. Do you know what we are praying for, we are praying for the Messiah to Come.

And you guys have the audacity to have this noisy parade and disturb us. Who is in charge of this mob anyway?

The Guy in the little Donkey?

They missed the hour of their visitation. He was in town and they didn’t know it. The Messiah passed right by their door while they were inside praying for Him to come.

The problem was, He didn’t come in the manner the expected Him to come, if He had come on a Roxroy or Bentley with Gold horse armed men, then the Pharisee and the Priest would have said, that might be Him.

We can be inside praying for Him to come while He passes by outside.

Worse than that, the insider misses Him while the “outsider” marches with Him!

Open to Ruth 1:1-6. Naomi and her husband and two sons left home and moved to Moab? Because there was famine in Bethlehem.

Consider the literal meaning of the Hebrew name of their Home town: Bethlehem means; the” House of Bread” the reason they left the House of Bread is that there was no bread in the House. It’s simple, why people leave the churches, there is no bread, bread was part of the temple practice as well, and it was proof of His presence.

Numbers 4.7: We find in the Old Testament that bread in the form of show bread was in the holy place. It was call the bread of His presence.

Naomi and her family have something in common with the people who leave or totally avoid our churches today, they left “THAT” place and went somewhere else to try and find bread.

I can tell you why people are flocking the bars, the clubs and the psychics by the millions.

They are just trying to get by; they are just trying to survive, because the church has failed them.

They seen and reported that the spiritual cupboard was bare. There was no presence in the pantry: Just empty shelves and offices full of recipes for bread. But the Oven was cold and dusty.

We have falsely advertised and hyped-up our claims that there is bread in the house.

We talk grandly about where He has been and what He has done, but we can say very little about what He is doing amongst us today.

That isn’t God fault; it is our fault, we have only remnant of what used to be – a residue of the fading glory.

But a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with only an argument.

John 9.25… All I know I was blind, but now I see. If we can lead people into the manifest presence of God, all false theological house of card will tumble down.

Yet we wonder why people hardly bow their heads when they come in our meetings and place of worship.

Where is the fear of God Gone to?

People have come to the House of bread TIME AND TIME again only to find there was simply too much of man and little of God there.

The almighty One is out to restore the sense of His awesome manifest presence in our lives and places of worship.

Over and Over we talk about the Glory covering the earth, but how is it going to flow through the street of our cities if it can’t even flow down the aisles of our churches?

It got to start in “here” It must start at the temple as Ezekiel wrote, saying I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple. Ezek 47.1

If God Glory can’t flow through the aisle of the Church, because of seducing spirit and manipulating men, then God will have to turn somewhere else, as He did in Jesus rode past ‘the House Of Bread” (Temple) in Jerusalem on a donkey.

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