Summary: This difficult passage seems to suggest that God changes His mind, but a closer look reveals that God does not change His mind as men do.

Introduction: Verses that I wish were not in the Bible, but they are and I must deal with it.

• Ill: As a married men, it is often where we hear our wives say, “I have the right to change my mind at any time!” One minute the couch is perfect on that side of the room, ten minutes later it is perfect on the opposite side. One minute this dress will be perfect with the blouse; the next minute there is another that is perfect….When they make that statement “that we as men shake our heads to” what they are really saying is “I have the right to change my mind at any time, when I realize I’m not as right as I first thought I was.” Most people, including Christians view the God of the Bible in this light.

• Well, and it seems they have the proof when you read just two verses:

o 1 Sam. 15:29 – “The Glory of Israel will not lie or change His mind, for He is not a man that He should change His mind.”

o Exodus 32:14 – “So the Lord changed his mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.”


Exodus 32 opens up with Moses on Mt. Sinai, with God for forty days and nights. The very finger of God has written the ten

words/commandments, and God has given Moses detailed instruction in how the children of Israel were to conduct themselves as

His people. The ink has not even dried on this covenant, and what are the people doing? Worshipping the false golden calf god.

• It is God who informs Moses about this great wickedness. The surprise in this passage is not that the people sin but how quickly

they rebel against God (32:8).

• As Moses makes his way down the Mt., God tells Moses that He is to the point of just destroying Israel and will make Moses the

father of his own nation. Moses begins to beg God for mercy and as Israel’s representative pleads for God to forgive Israel for

their sin. And it is in this environment we read those words, “And God changed His mind…”

Is God a Wishy-Washy God?

I. God’s Perfect Knowledge of Humanity. (What does God say about Himself in Scripture)

• God is all-powerful; all-knowing; and all present. God can do whatever He wants; God is everywhere; meaning He is both

outside of time and also with us, sees us (all compassing eyes of God). God is all-knowing of past, present, future. God has

all info before him, nothing new can be added to His knowledge (Ps. 147:5) “Theism” is a false doctrine that teaches that God

does not know the future, but works things along as they happen. (think they answer sin issue and God changing mind)

• God is the very definition of love (John 3:16), and is perfect. God cannot sin! If changing mind means making a better

choice, then God is not perfect.

II. God’s Perfect Handling of Humanity.

A. God cannot change His mind as man change’s their mind.

• “Change of mind” in the human understanding involves having new information presented. If man changes their mind,

then they have either gone to something worse or something better than original; this cannot happen to God because He

is always perfect in every decision.

• “Change of mind” implies a wrong first choice.

• “Change of mind” involves time, and yet God is not hampered by time.

B. God can change His dealing as man change’s their position. Ill: Let’s say you live in a house that on the left is a yellow

siding house and on your right is a brown siding house. Years later, you move to the house on the other side of the yellow

house. Now you say that the yellow siding house is on my right. The yellow house did not move, you moved your position.

(Same is with God)

Jeremiah 18:7-10: God has written into His will that He will change His mind of judgment and mercy based on “human

change of heart”. God retains the right of limiting his own absolute sovereignty on the basis of human response to His

offer of pardon and restoration. 2 Sam. 24:16;Jonah 3:10;4:2; Amos 7:1-6

III. God’s Perfect Plan For Humanity

A. Judgment for sin: (God’s position)

• God always stands opposite of sin, and He had every right to destroy Israel. If fact, God did not have to tell Moses the

people were sinning before judgment. His first move is a crack in the door for Moses to grab mercy.

• (10) destroy “kalah” means absolute judgment, no more Israel.

• God did not created sin or make man sin, but in God’s plan for humanity, sin is a part of the drama – and God provides a

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