Summary: The third in a series through the book Acts during Fall 2005

One of my favorite songs is by the legendary Contemporary Christian Artist Larry Norman. Norman is one of a handful of pioneers of contemporary Christian music that paved the way for the ministry (and industry) that it is today.

I have played the song before and it is entitled, ‘The Outlaw.’ It is a song that recites the various views, over the years and even centuries, of Jesus Christ.

In that song, Norman sings of Jesus being called ‘an outlaw,’ ‘a sorcerer,’ and ‘a politician.’ He concludes with a personal statement and belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. A statement that our main text for this morning agrees with 100%!

One of the songs that I played this morning during the prelude is entitled, “There Is No Other Name.’ Written by Robin Mark it says, ‘There is no other name by which men can be saved/ there is no other name under heaven.’

This morning we are going to see this truth and belief lived out in front of us as we celebrate the dedication of Lauren and the baptisms of Rob, Nathan, Brookes, and Daniel.

This dedication and these baptisms are possible because of what Acts 4:12 says, ‘There is no other name in all of heaven for people to call on to save them.’ We dedicate Lauren to God because of what Jesus Christ has done for us. We baptize one adult, two teens, and a child because baptism is an ‘outward act’ of ‘an inward experience.’ The experience a salvation experience through Christ. And it is only through Christ that we can experience salvation.

Now in some places, that is not acceptable to say. It is incorrect to say that only Christ is the way to God. There are many ways to God they say.

But, I take the Bible seriously and I believe that while God’s grace is great, I think that what scripture says is true. These individuals who have come to this point of baptism have come to it through different backgrounds and situations, but they have all come to it by accepting the forgiveness of their sins that Jesus, and only Jesus, made possible.

Let us now give thanks and praise to God for what Jesus Christ has done for those that we dedicate and baptize this morning. Amen.

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