Summary: Hell will be the place of no second chances for: (Seven points) Faith, Freedom, Fortune, Friends, Family, Forgiveness, or Forever.

Title: “No Second Chance”

Introduction: When the first immigrants came to America, they wept when they saw the Statue of Liberty. Certainly they had hopes that they had come to the “Land of Opportunity.”

Hell is the place of “No” opportunity! No one will be given a second chance in Hell. Consider these thoughts:

1. No Second Chance for Faith.

The Rich Man called Abraham, “Father Abraham.” His entire hope for eternity laid in his faith that because he was in the covenant linage of Abraham, he certainly must have been saved. Such was not the case. I wonder how many folks are going to be alarmed when they enter into Hell realizing that there “faith” has failed them!

2. No Second Chance for Freedom.

The Rich Man was in a land with a gulf fixed. No one go pass into it or away from it. The Rich Man found himself forever imprisoned.

3. No Second Chance for Fortune.

The Rich Man had spent all of his riches upon himself in his life time. Now he was penniless in Hell. He could not even afford a drop of water to cool his tongue from the heat of the flames.

4. No Second Chance for Friends.

One assumes when first reading this story, (and Jesus never referred to this story as a parable!) that the Rich Man had no idea of who it was that was laid at his gate full of sores. Such was not the case. In Hell, the Rich Man calls upon Lazarus by name. He knew his name! He knew that it was Lazarus that had been laid at his gate, and yet he took no care of him. It was now too late to repair the damaged friendship.

5. No Second Chance for Family.

The Rich Man begged Lazarus that one should go to his family lest his five brethren should come to “this place of torment.” But, it was too late. This eldest brother had set the destructive course where his five brothers were soon to follow.

6. No Second Chance for Forgiveness.

The answer was “no” for cup of water. The answer was “no” that he should be able to return from the dead. The Rich Man had died in his sin. The blood of Christ had never been applied to his wayward soul. The Rich Man would have no second chance at grace. His conscience would forever condemn him for his sin.

7. No Second Chance for Forever.

The Rich Man is still in Hell. Forever in Hell.


Today is your day of opportunity. If you are not yet saved, I plead with you to come to Christ. If you are not living for the Lord today, please do so while you still have opportunity.

(Heb 4:7 KJV) Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David, To day, after so long a time; as it is said, To day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.

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